Belenenses had to compete in a team of nine players due to a corona outbreak. After Benfica was 7-0 at break, the team forced the game to be abandoned.

Haris Seferovic will never forget this game.

Total Corona -Farce - Seferovic experiences at & laquo; Game of Shame & raquo; Unbelievable

With Benfica, the Nati star played against a team with only nine players.

Total Corona -Farce - Seferovic experiences at & laquo; Game of Shame & raquo; Unbelievable

There was a corona outbreak in the Belenenses team.

That's what

  • It got really crazy in the Portuguese league.

  • Benfica and Haris Seferovic played against a team of nine players.

  • The reason for this was a corona outbreak.

Haris Seferovic will not forget this game for a long time. The Swiss national team star competed with Benfica at Belenenses on Saturday evening. Already at the break, Benfica led 7-0 – Seferovic scored two goals himself. Such a big class difference? Not quite: Belenenses only played with nine players – including two goalies.

But why only nine players on the field? The reason for this was a corona outbreak at Belenenses. The club simply didn't have any more players available. With Alvaro Ramalho, a trained goalkeeper acted in midfield. By the way: Many other players were also not part of the team this season. Many U23 players were used. No wonder, around 17 players and the staff tested positive for Covid-19.

The game was canceled after around 50 minutes. Belenenses still had three “injured” players and was unable to continue playing. However, at least seven players are required for a “rule-compliant” game. Why the game started at all is unclear. That would not have happened in Switzerland. A club must have at least 14 field players available. He also needs two goalkeepers. Otherwise the game will be canceled.

«Black chapter for Portuguese football»

After the game, Belenenses President Rui Pedro Soares said at the press conference that they had informed the league in the afternoon and that they did not want to play in view of the many corona-related failures. The league replied that the club had at least eight players who could have played.

Benfica President Rui Costa spoke of a “black chapter for Portuguese football and the whole country” at the press conference after the game. Benfica adhered to the regulations, as did Belenenses, who were forced to play. And: «We should all be ashamed of what happened, but Benfica is not responsible for this black chapter.»

Even during the game, the fans in the stadium were stunned and chanted: “The league is a shame” and “The game is a shame”. The match will now be rated 3-0 for Benfica. Why Belenenses did not ask for a game to be rescheduled initially remained unclear. The newspaper “Record” reports that the Belenenses boss cried during the break.

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