Toothpaste Cari0 arrive on the market

La pâte dentifrice Cari0 arrive sur le marché

Three Rivers — dr. Jacques Véronneau has won his bet. The dentist who practice in particular on the side of Sainte-Thècle and Saint-Alexis-des-Monts just to market a toothpaste natural on which he has spent years of research and which, according to the specialist, would hamper not only the progress of the dental caries, but also subvert the process of the lesions beginning in the mouth.

Toothpaste Cari0 (for decay-zero) has indeed made its appearance in several dental offices in Quebec since the 7th of January last. The company Oral Science, which is responsible for the distribution, croulerait also under requests to get this tube of toothpaste replaced fluoride to a natural ingredient, xylitol.

It already existed in the market of natural products, pastes containing xylitol at a concentration of about 10%. However, research conducted by Dr. Véronneau, including Kosovo and Romania since a few years, have tested this new product to a concentration of 25 % xylitol, which has demonstrated effects even more interesting about the different research groups studied, noted Dr. Veronneau.

Recently, two other searches were conducted to validate the first conclusions of Dr. Véronneau, conclusions, who said that the lesions causing the dental caries had decreased by 60 % between the two groups who conducted the study, the first group using the pulp concentration of 25 % of xylitol, and the second group using a different type of toothpaste.

“A new research conducted in Romania has validated that the minimal time to observe the optimal effect of the toothpaste was confirmed after three months of use only. In addition, we have also conducted other research which has shown that people who have used the dough for three months and having ceased the use continued after six months to feel the benefits as they were at the same level of bacteria,” adds Dr. Veronneau.

Finally, other studies conducted in Toronto on high-risk patients of periodontitis have demonstrated that after three months of brushing with this paste, the bacteria are at high risk of causing periodontics were losing up to 78 % of their effectiveness, while the bacteria at moderate risk were losing 65 % of their effectiveness.

“In the manufacturing process, we have also evacuated most of the ingredients in the risk of cancer, or even the ingredients since they are likely to cause pollution in the water or in our oceans. We did our homework,” says the dentist.

Currently, the product Cari0 is distributed in several dental offices who have made the request at a cost of $ 6 for the tube, as distributed in great amount to the dentists. “At this price, we do not make a profit. What interests me, is that science can help improve the oral health and general health of the greatest number possible,” said the dentist.

It is also possible for individuals to order it on the website

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