Students at the OST University of Applied Sciences are frustrated about the end of face-to-face teaching because of the type of communication.

The University of Applied Sciences in Eastern Switzerland has decided to hold courses online again.

& laquo; We got together honestly said something stupid before & raquo;

Just a few hours after the decision was communicated, students received an invitation to a lesson, which should take place on site without any justification.


  • The OST University of Applied Sciences has decided to offer lectures online again in the Social Work degree program due to Corona.

  • Nevertheless, courses are planned on site without any justification.

  • Students get annoyed about the communication at the university.

On Monday morning, the students of the Social Work course at the OST University of Applied Sciences received an email from the course director. It says that from Tuesday, December 14th, the courses should be held online as far as possible. At the same time, the message states that this does not rule out the possibility that individual events will still take place in face-to-face classes due to excessive restrictions.

Students responded at 20 minutes. You are grateful that clarity has finally been achieved. “To be honest, we felt a bit stupid,” says a student at the OST University of Applied Sciences, who lives in St. Gallen, about 20 minutes. So far, the media have said that online lectures will be offered. “However, that was not communicated to me or to my fellow students,” she says. And they should have continued to appear on site. “For a university of applied sciences, we think that's bad communication,” says the St. Gallen resident.

Paradoxical situation

In order to create clarity, she and other students have already contacted the crisis team at the OST University of Applied Sciences several times in advance and asked for more stringent measures. “It's paradoxical that lectures for up to 80 people can still take place at our university of applied sciences,” say the students. The Federal Council finally made an urgent recommendation to work from home. “We just don't understand why the 3G regulation hasn't been introduced long ago,” say the students. They found the school's answer ridiculous: the schoolhouse had too many entrances, which is why it was not possible to check the certificates of all of them, the students were told.

E-mail irritates students

The e-mail from a lecturer in the Social Work course causes further confusion. Students will be informed that a course will take place on Wednesday morning as planned on site. The lesson is only a final lesson of a seminar in which questions can be asked. “I just don't understand why we can't ask our questions online via teams,” says an affected student. Upon request, the OST University of Applied Sciences will inform you that those responsible for the module sometimes need a certain transition period of a few days in order to adequately offer the courses online. Basically, students take their fears very seriously.

Due to excessive content or didactic restrictions, it is still possible to hold individual courses in person after consulting the module coordinator. “The few face-to-face events are only carried out under strict adherence to the protective measures,” says the university.


On Monday evening around 9 p.m., the lecturer gave in and informed the students in an email that the course was coming Wednesday will take place online after all.

Do you or does someone you know have problems with the Corona time?

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