Last year, the Tiktok platform was in seventh place – now, according to a survey, it is right at the top. Most of the big players in the network stay among themselves in the top positions. Meanwhile, YouTube and Netflix are fighting for the greatest video exposure.

The Cloudfare web service has a summary of those Pages published on the net that were most visited in 2021.

 Tiktok snatches the title of the world's most popular website from Google

Tiktok makes it to the top spot for the first time.

 Tiktok snatches the title of the world's most popular website from Google

The social network was able to score especially around the holidays in the USA.

That's what it's all about

  • A ranking list shows which websites were most frequently clicked on worldwide in 2021.

  • In the ranking of the comparison service Cloudfare, the social network Tiktok achieved the top position for the first time.

  • The big players like Google, Facebook or Apple dominate the network and only compete among each other.

The Internet service Cloudfare has announced which websites have been visited most frequently in the past year. Compared to the previous year, there was a change at the top: The social network Tiktok took first place, and no longer the previous top Google. The top five most visited domains still include the American network giants Facebook, Microsoft and Apple (in that order). The Internet security specialist Cloudfare has been measuring global Internet traffic since September 2020. The data is international. In Switzerland, Tiktok ranks fourth behind Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Twitter overtakes Instagram – Linkedin with a strong final spurt

The world doesn't seem to get enough of the short videos on Tiktok even five years after the service launched. In the past year, more people viewed posts on the platform than wrote e-mails, made calendar entries or managed photos on the Google services. Tiktok managed to become number one, especially in the second half of the year. The days around Thanksgiving in the USA were particularly strong.

 Tiktok snatches the title of most popular website in the world from Google

These pages were the most visited worldwide in 2021.

 Tiktok snatches the title of the world's most popular website from Google

These are the most popular social networks in 2021.

 Tiktok snatches the title of the world's most popular website from Google

In the cold months of January and February (at least in the northern hemisphere), Netflix (marked in red) has a particularly high level of traffic. In the remaining months, Youtube (marked in yellow) was able to catch up at times.

Tiktok has also replaced Facebook in the ranking of the most popular social networks. This is despite the fact that Facebook still has by far the largest number of registered users. If you add up all the apps that belong to the Meta group, the company of founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg still generates the most traffic. However, the breakdown in October, during which all of the Group's services (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram) were unavailable for hours, ensured that Facebook fell from third place to four of the world's most popular domains for seven days.

Twitter, which made headlines this year especially in January for its decision to ban ex-President Donald Trump from its platform, also managed to leave Instagram behind (fourth and fifth respectively). The other social networks show an interesting trend: the business platform Linkedin achieved enormous growth from July 2021. The experts at Cloudfare cite the so-called “Great Resignation” in the USA as a possible reason. Millions of employees have quit their jobs there in the past twelve months.

Signal and Co. took advantage of the controversy over Whatsapp

Individual events in 2021 have at times swirled through the rankings. One example was the video of a fitness instructor in Myanmar doing gymnastics in front of the camera while dozens of military trucks were in the background preparing for the coup against the civilian government. The video of the bizarre event was so popular that it helped Youtube to take the top spot among the most visited websites worldwide. At the beginning of February the platform had a run anyway: Less than ten days after the military coup in Myanmar, a Korean authority published its explanatory video “Baby Shark Dance”. The video ousted Luis Fonsi's hit “Despacito” from 2017 from the top spot of the most viewed videos of all time.

The video of a dancing fitness instructor during the military coup in Myanmar catapulted YouTube to the top spot of the most visited websites worldwide for one day in February 2021.

The influence of various corona measures worldwide has also made itself felt in the second year since the outbreak of the pandemic. Most of the people who are at home right now seem to have given Youtube in particular a boost; the service was so popular that at times it even overtook Netflix's front runner. At the beginning of the year, the platform that landed the hit “Squid Game” this year was still clearly ahead. In the second half of the year, however, the Google subsidiary managed to catch up with Netflix several times.

The Cloudfare experts also looked at the messenger services. As at the end of 2020, class leader Whatsapp remains at the top in this category. Telegram, the WeChat service, which is particularly popular in China, followed suit, followed by Signal. The iMessenger from Apple and in-app messenger services from Facebook and Instagram are not included. After the news about new terms of use and the associated concerns about the rights of users made the rounds at the beginning of the year, the alternatives suddenly became popular – especially Signal. In January the app made an incredible jump from rank 1815 to 766 in the ranking of the most popular websites worldwide.

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