Tiktok will be testing a shopping function for the first time at a live event next week. E-commerce experts explain why it's worth it.

Tiktok wants to hold a live shopping event.

 Tiktok jumps to the social media shopping trend on

Products can be bought directly on the platform.

 Tiktok is jumping on the social media shopping trend

The first such event should take place in Great Britain.

That's what it's all about

  • Tiktok is holding a live shopping event in the UK next week.

  • Users can buy products via the platform.

  • Other platforms such as Instagram have been offering a marketplace for a long time.

  • Two experts explain why this can be worthwhile for sellers, but also for users.

Instagram has been offering a shopping function on the platform for a long time, on which smaller and larger companies can advertise their goods directly. Now Tiktok also wants to jump on the social media shopping trend. As reported by the BBC, the short video platform is planning a live shopping event for the first time in Great Britain next Wednesday, at which users can buy products directly via the platform.

“This is a really important moment. E-commerce is an important opportunity for Tiktok and we are investing a lot in it, ”explains Rich Waterworth, Tiktok General Manager in the EU and UK. This statement is no coincidence. In fact, online shopping on social media has increased dramatically in times of the pandemic, during which many shops had to remain closed or customers dare to go into the shops less often. In the USA alone, the number of social media buyers has increased by 25 percent.

«Everyone can benefit»

Darius Zumstein, lecturer in e-commerce at the ZHAW, sees the sales potential of social media platforms. “That will work at least for everyday durables and consumer goods. Because social shopping on Tiktok and Instagram enables a seamless, fast, simple, convenient and user-friendly shopping experience without the buyer having to leave the platform to complete the purchase. ” But the jump to social media is also worthwhile for sellers. The ZHAW's social commerce study showed that 72 percent of online retailers sell more across all channels through social selling.

“Everyone, both small and large, can benefit from this if they have a Tiktok, Facebook or Instagram account,” explains Zumstein, although large companies with large marketing budgets still have an advantage. The dealers are certainly interested. “Almost every third Swiss online retailer wants to do social selling. 42 percent want to wait and see. »

The social model

E-commerce expert Uwe Leimstoll also sees a great future for social shopping. “Today consumers use a wide variety of channels, so it makes sense to have at least one touch point on these channels,” he explains. This type of sale is primarily suitable for impulse and spontaneous purchases. “In private situations, consumers are made aware of products by an influencer on social media that they might not otherwise buy. It can be assumed that live shopping events will have similar intentions. »

For the big trade, however, he sees fewer opportunities. “The majority of retailers tend to satisfy planned needs, so you look for products in the store or online shop that meet your own requirements – for example furniture that has to fit into the apartment or the laptop that meets my requirements but is not too expensive may be », says Leimstoll.

The expert is not worried about an increased mix of advertising and content: “You can already find a mix of content and advertising in almost every online shop today. The product description published by the seller in the shop is in the vast majority of cases not a neutral and often not really useful description for the customer. ” Therefore, the importance of “real” customer ratings has increased significantly in recent years. “Social media platforms are all about communicating products in a private or leisure context – i.e. outside of actual shopping contexts. Mixing content, advertising and specific purchase offers is part or sub-goal of the model. »

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