The end of the Lucerne fashion house Kofler seemed sealed. But now three employees want to set up a new branch and thus save the tradition.

Kofler will finally close its doors in 2022. Three employees want to found a new branch under the name Kofler and thus save the longstanding tradition.

Three women want Lucerne Saving a traditional fashion house from ruin

Brigitte Bucheli has been working for the Kofler fashion house for 34 years. The fact that the long-established company is finally closing was also a shock for them.

three women want Lucerne Saving traditional fashion house from ruin

Together with Sandra De Falco and …

That's what

  • Kofler will close its doors in 2022. The Board of Directors decided that this autumn. The main reason is the consequences of the corona crisis.

  • As part of a project, three employees now want to found a new branch under the name Kofler and thus save the Lucerne original.

  • The idea for the project arose primarily from an exchange with customers, who were also dismayed by the bad news.

After 170 years, the Kofler fashion house will close its doors in 2022. Although the Bachmann family had taken over the traditional Lucerne family company, Kofler was still in the red. Due to the additional burden caused by the Corona crisis, the board of directors decided to close it for good this autumn. Around 150 jobs are affected by the end. Three Kofler employees, namely Brigitte Bucheli, Sandra de Falco and Monika Wicki, want to know again: As part of a project, they want to set up a new branch under the name Kofler and thereby save the Lucerne original, as “Pilatustoday” reports.

Customer echo as a spark for the project

The news of the closure was not only a huge shock for the employees, but also for the customers: “Our customers were very upset and also frustrated that such a traditional company had to close,” says Brigitte Bucheli, Purchasing Manager at Kofler . Bucheli herself has been working for the fashion house for 34 years, which is why she was also very shocked by the bad news. The idea of ​​saving the Kofler name with a new branch, however, arose primarily from an exchange with disappointed customers, as Bucheli told 20 Minuten. “The extremely large response from our regular customers that the name Kofler simply belongs to the cityscape was the real spark for us to fight for the preservation of the fashion house,” says Bucheli.

The three employees received only positive feedback for the project: “Our regular customers think it's great and have already offered us financial support. There was also only positive feedback from our suppliers, ”says Bucheli. In the end, even the board of directors was enthusiastic about the project. «We got the O.k. get to use the name Kofler, which is why we don't have to reckon with any nasty surprises », says Bucheli.

Ultimately, according to Bucheli, the three initiators also have the necessary network and experience to be able to successfully implement such a project. The goal is also to keep ten to 15 of the 150 or so jobs. Bucheli said: “Of course, some employees hope that we will take them on if our project works. However, they are also aware that they still have to apply to other locations, as we are planning the opening in September at the earliest. ”

What's next?

The project is just beginning. In the first phase, the three initiators would like to collect a sum of 120,000 francs, with the campaign starting on December 15th. “We certainly need that much as start-up capital in order to be able to found an AG as an association. If we cannot achieve this first goal, unfortunately there will be no more Kofler ”, says Bucheli. Although they have already found a location for the new branch in the new building on Lucerne's Kapellgasse, around another 800,000 francs will be needed for the interior work. The fundraising campaign for this is due to start in March next year. If all goes well, according to Bucheli, the new store will open on September 1, 2022.

Three women want to save traditional Lucerne fashion house from ruin

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