Threats against a construction signalman

A signalman who was on the site of the rue Hériot last Monday was the subject of death threats. A complaint was filed with the Police Department of the City of Sherbrooke, says Caroline Gravel, Director of the Urban Planning Department at the City of Sherbrooke.
An investigation is underway to find the offending motorist. The signalman is well, has not been injured, but has been absent for a few hours following the events.

Another signalman victim of an impatient motorist

The City is taking this opportunity to launch a new safety promotion near the roadworks. This third video reminds motorists that it is important to slow down where work is going on. The first two capsules, viewed more than 70,000 times, were also shared by the SAAQ and the Ministère des Transports. “We urge citizens to be extra careful. There will be a lot more traffic on the territory this week with the return to school. We ask people to be calm and plan their movements. ”

The only active work in the school zone at the start of the school year on Wednesday will be held in the Rock Forest area. “Work is underway in the pedestrian crossing of Viel streets in Vichy. We moved the school corridor with cones on Roberge Street to provide a safe passage for children. The work should be completed this week, but not in time for the start of the school year. ”

However, repairs in school corridors will take place until the end of Tuesday. “We are remaking the sections of street that were broken by the freeze and thaw movement. The streets Viau, Fortier South, Toulon and Montpellier will therefore be the subject of work. We went to get an extra budget to do temporary work while waiting for a reconstruction. Since Viau and Fortier streets are in a school corridor, work will be done on Monday and Tuesday. We want to finish for September, which will be held on Wednesday. ”

“The instruction is to do as much work as possible before back to school. It is possible that there will be more in the coming weeks, but we will leave a period of time for people to take their habits. It is always easier to intervene a week or two after the start of the school year when people have taken their habits. ”

Other planned works include the refurbishment of Chemin Saint-Roch South, from Bertrand-Fabi to University Boulevard. “The speed will be reduced to 30 km / h. Motorists are advised to avoid the village of Rock Forest during construction. It is only resurfacing work. They should not last more than a week. ”

Remember that work is continuing in the area of ​​the Rue des Grandes-Fourches Nord. Access to the shops is maintained, but changes according to the progress of the work. It is therefore preferable to regularly consult the Ville de Sherbrooke website for temporary access.

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