The Zurich start-up company Storylino produces personalized audio books. The start-up is thus hitting a trend. Because audio stories are booming.

Stefan Christiani and Jonas Trachsel founded the Zurich start-up Storylino.

This Swiss start-up makes individual H & ouml ; books for children

Storylino offers personalized audio books for children.

 This Swiss start-up makes individual books for children

The main character of the story has the child's name and age.


  • With the radio plays by Storylino, the name of the main character and other details can be adapted.

  • This is how a personalized story is created.

  • The concept should be successful, because audio books for children are trendy.

Stories are told instead of reading them: radio plays are becoming increasingly popular. Listening stories are booming, especially among children, as the Swiss Toy Association confirms. That is why the Zurich start-up Storylino is now offering personalized audio books.

For example, the main character of the story can have the child's name and age. “Other details can also be adjusted, such as your favorite animal,” says Stefan Christiani, co-founder of Storylino zu 20 Minuten. Together with Jonas Trachsel, he founded the start-up in early 2020.

“We both come from the IT banking industry and have always wanted to set up something of our own,” says Christiani. At the beginning of the Corona crisis, the two men then started tinkering with software for personalized audio stories in their free time.

For a few weeks now, they have been selling the first personalized audio books for children. A total of eight different audio stories are available in German. Each story takes between 15 and 20 minutes and costs between 6 and 8 euros each.

Customers thanks to Instagram bloggers

The stories are sold as MP3 files in German-speaking countries. “At the moment we don't offer any physical products such as CDs or USB sticks,” says Christiani. Should this be required in the future, it will be adjusted.

The young company has already sold over 100 stories and generated around 1000 euros in sales. “Our previous customers actually all come from a few Instagram mom bloggers,” explains Christiani. Most of the customers come from Germany.

The team consists of five professional speakers. Including Nadine Menz, who also speaks for films like Inga Lindström or Alarm for Cobra 11, Johanna von Gutzeit, who speaks on Netflix in Squid Game, and Annika Preil, Saskia Preil and Alex Friedland.

Personalized toys are a hit

With the individual radio plays, the start-up hits the nerve of the times. Because the demand for radio plays is increasing from year to year, as Roger Bühler, CEO of toy retailer Franz Carl Weber, confirms to 20 Minuten.

“CDs are out, but Tonies or Tigerboxes are trendy,” says Bühler . These are sound carriers without audio content: This is loaded from the Internet. The demand for sound carriers for children has increased by 25 percent compared to the previous year, as data from the market research institute GfK shows.

Personalized toys are always special and a hit, says Bühler. Individualization is also in greater demand on the toy market.

Radio plays for children and podcasts for adults

Radio plays are not only in demand with children: Podcasts are currently the trend medium for adults, as trend researcher Nina Burger from Market research institute GIM explains. “Through various platforms such as Spotify or Audible, the barriers to entry for audio products for end users have been reduced significantly.” Because all you need for a podcast is an idea and an account. Companies are now even offering studios for rent to record podcasts. And because the majority of the population has a smartphone or tablet, the potential user base is huge, says Burger. “In addition, the costs for users are extremely low.”

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