The Solothurn-based company Strics offers the first digital cancellation service in Switzerland. Consumer protection advises against giving notice of termination to external services.

The Solothurn Start-up Strics offers the first digital termination service in Switzerland.

 This start-up is canceling the mobile phone or fitness subscription for you

The customers all you have to do is select the right template for your contract on the page.

 This start-up will cancel the mobile phone or fitness subscription for you

The start-up will then take care of the dispatch. Cost: around 5 francs or 10 francs for a registered mail.

That's what

  • Cancel contracts and subscriptions in writing from the sofa, this is made possible by the Strics start-up.

  • The company provides templates and takes care of shipping.

  • However, a letter alone is not always sufficient for a termination.

  • This is why consumer protection advises against giving terminations to external services.

Subscriptions, contracts and memberships have to be canceled in writing in many places. But creating the letter of resignation and going to the post office takes time and nerves. That is why the Solothurn start-up Strics is offering Switzerland's first digital termination service.

“With us you can cancel contracts from the sofa,” explains managing director Lukas Bertini (28). Together with his fellow student Kai Krause (26), he developed the termination service. The platform offers various ready-made letters of termination for the termination of work, fitness subscriptions, telecom or car insurance contracts, for example.

All letters are checked by a lawyer. Customers then just need to choose the right template for their contract. A large number of recipient addresses are stored at Strics. “Otherwise you can simply enter the address yourself quickly,” explains Bertini.

The start-up then takes care of the dispatch. Cost: around 5 francs or 10 francs for a registered mail. “I got the idea for it during lockdown when I wanted to cancel my TV subscription,” says Bertini. The termination was tedious and too time-consuming.

With the start-up, terminations should be processed easily, quickly and digitally. “That suits both younger and older people,” says Bretini. So far, the start-up has handled around 40 layoffs.

Better do it yourself

Consumer protection advises against giving notice of termination to external services: “A letter alone is not always enough. There may be post-processing, ”explains managing director Sara Stalder. In the event of termination, sensitive data may also be disclosed.

“With an employment contract, for example, it is advisable to give notice yourself,” says Stalder. Because for this, the conversation with the superiors should take place in advance. Canceling fitness subscriptions is unfortunately not always easy: it is often necessary to consult with the gym operators.

In addition, there are already many templates for termination letters on the Internet – for free. “The main problem with dismissals are the deadlines that have to be met,” says Stalder. Customers must always be informed about this themselves.

Certain providers only accept phone and chat

Telecom expert Jean-Claude Frick from Comparis also thinks that terminations are best done by yourself: « Because unfortunately there are still many telecom providers who do not accept written notice of termination. ” There the customers have to call or cancel via a chat.

Nevertheless, the offer of the start-up could meet with approval. “After all, many people find it too difficult to cancel subscriptions and they don't feel like spending a lot of time on it,” says Frick. It is important that the notice period is adhered to, otherwise it will be expensive.

How to cancel mobile phone subscriptions correctly:

Although many telecom providers do without a minimum term, a minimum term is often defined for special offers. The contract states whether the mobile phone subscription has a minimum term. Anyone who cancels before the end of the minimum term usually has to pay the monthly fees until the end of the minimum term, as Comparis writes. At Swisscom, you can cancel your subscription in writing, by phone or via chat. At Sunrise only by phone or via chat and Salt only accepts cancellations by phone.

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