The current best crushing newcomer only needs an acoustic guitar and his unique voice to turn the 80s super-nod into an intimate love song.

«Watchin 'every motion in my foolish lover's game/On this endless ocean , finally lovers know no shame »- Sam Himself, we are wax in your hands.

Best Crushing Newcomer November/December 2021

  • Name: Sam Himself ( the slimmer brother of Ham Himself)

  • From: Basel/Brooklyn

  • Age: 21 (he says – but age is just a number anyway, so: You do you, Sam. You do you.)

  • Power : melancholy post-punk to howl and swear

  • Gives it up: Instagram/Youtube/Spotify

“Take My Breath Away” is one of the most iconic songs in film history – so brave, the classic to cover the Los Angeles band. Our current best crushing newcomer Sam Himself probably just wants to fight the catchy tune with which he has wrestled since childhood.

“I was about seven when I watched 'Top Gun' for the first time,” says the New York-Basel commuter on 20 Minuten Radio, “since then the song has been playing after me stubbornly.” He describes the synthpop love hymn as a “super power ballad” – what a coincidence that his recently released debut album is called “Power Ballads”.

Above in the video is Sam's Stripped-Down- Guilty Pleasure Cover of “Take My Breath Away” and here below we remind you of the original. Or you're hearing it for the first time – in this case: You're welcome.

What is the best crushing newcomer?

20 minutes x Swiss Music Awards

20 Minuten has taken over the category Best Breaking Act of the Swiss Music Awards (SMA) and developed it into Best Crushing Newcomer (BCN). Every year, together with the SMA and the GfK (collect the charts), we declare seven to eight Swiss up-and-coming acts to be our BCN and hyped them for a month on all 20-minute channels. And one of them will finally win the SMA in the Best Crushing Newcomer category at the beginning of next year.

Here you can find the regulations with all the details.

And here are all the Best Crushing Newcomers of 2021 .

But we digress. So a little. That's why all the other video content we shot with Sam Himself is here:

The Sam also recorded his own track “La Paz” live in the 20-minute radio studio.

And tries to keep the rhythm of Johnny Cash's “Ring of Fire”. Did he “catch the drop”? Find out!

Here he introduces himself.

And that's his attempt to beat 20-minute basement kid Schimun in “Mario Kart”.

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