Another step towards virtual reality: A professor at the University of Tokyo has developed a screen that can transmit various aromas when licking with the tongue. The invention could be useful especially during a pandemic, he argues.

The student Yuki Hou demonstrates how TTTV is used.

 This screen creates a taste when licking

The aromas created are transferred to a plastic film.

This screen creates-a-taste when licking

Homei Miyashita filling the container with aromatic liquids.

That's what it's all about

  • A new type of screen can create tastes that can be perceived while licking.

  • Several built-in containers spray essences in different combinations onto a plastic sheet.

  • It is not the first similar invention by Professor Homei Miyashita.

The device called Taste the TV, or TTTV for short, is said to be able to produce a variety of tastes with the help of ten built-in canisters. For this purpose, nozzles inside the device spray essences onto a plastic film, which is then rolled over the screen and conveys the currently popular aromas to the viewer.

Behind the invention is Homei Miyashita, professor at the Institute for Media Studies at Meiji University in Tokyo. “The goal is to enable people to have the experience of eating in a restaurant on the other side of the world from home,” Miyashita told Reuters.

In times of Covid-19, technology could help to intensify interactions between people and the outside world. He sees remote training for cooks or sommeliers or use for taste tests and quizzes as further areas of application for TTTV. Furthermore, he is already in contact with companies that could use the technology to make a piece of bread taste like chocolate or pizza.

According to Miyashita, TTTV could be produced at a unit price of 100,000 yen (around 800 francs) will. Earlier developments by the professor include a taste stick called a norimaki synthesizer and a fork that generates tastes by electrically stimulating the tongue while eating.

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