Certain products at Migros cost less in the supermarket than at Do it or Micasa. Because the specialist stores set their prices independently of each other.

The same raclette pan has different prices: It costs 19.90 francs at Micasa.

That's why this raclette costs - Frying pan at Migros varies

At Do it + Garden it costs only 16.95 francs.

 This is why this raclette pan at Migros costs differently

The same goes for the Tesa Tack adhesive pads: they cost 5.95 francs in the supermarket.

That's what

  • is aboutMigros and its specialist stores offer the same products at different prices.

  • Because the companies do not buy the goods centrally, says one employee.

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    According to Migros, the specialist stores are their own company and can set their prices independently.

At Migros, products don't always cost the same: For example, a raclette pan at Migros Do it + Garden costs 16.95 francs. The same pan at Micasa costs 19.90 francs. This is not an isolated case. Tesa Tack adhesive pads cost CHF 5.95 at Migros and CHF 6.50 at Do it (see picture gallery above).

“This is because the individual Migros companies do not control purchasing centrally,” explains News Scout M . * who works at Migros. Do it, Micasa and Migros all buy the goods individually from different retailers.

Central purchasing would be more economical

Because the Migros supermarkets can buy more products at once, the prices are the lowest there, explains M. He doesn't understand why purchasing is not centrally regulated. “The company and its customers would benefit from this,” says M.

Because if all Migros companies buy in the same place, larger quantities can be bought. This reduces the purchase price. “In addition, personnel could be saved,” said M. The fact that the same products are currently being offered at different prices is a mess for customers.

“If customers ask us about it, we have to say that is because of this that price fixing is prohibited », says M. But for many this is incomprehensible: After all, all companies belong to Migros.

In fact, it is not actually a price agreement. According to the Competition Commission Weko, this is only the case if two independent companies agree on a price for the same product. “A group can set prices internally as it wants,” explains a Weko spokesman.

Specialist stores determine prices themselves

The specialist stores like Micasa and Do it belong to Migros Gesellschaft Fachmarkt AG. This functions as a separate cost center. “And the specialist stores set their own sales prices,” explains a spokesman on request.

For example, the raclette pan at Do it + Garden is in the range all year round. Micasa is a limited offer. The purchase quantities differ and therefore also the price.

Different prices confuse customers

Babette Sigg, executive president of the Swiss Consumer Forum, sees no problem in the different prices. “These are different companies, even if they legally belong to Migros.” This is why specialist stores and supermarkets are free to set prices independently of one another.

Sara Stalder from the Consumer Protection Foundation agrees: “However, it is questionable whether this surcharge strategy is clever in the various sales channels is.” Because the different prices are opaque and confuse customers.

* Name known to the editors.

These are Migros and its subsidiaries

Migros is in ten divided into regional cooperatives. They form the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. Numerous subsidiaries are subordinate to this, such as Denner, Migrolino, Digitec Galaxus and Migros Bank. The specialist stores are also legally part of the regional cooperatives. These include Micasa, Melectronics, Do it + Garden, Obi and SportXX.

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