Empty streets, closed shops and absurdly long queues: the past few months have produced a number of situations and images that have never been seen before. The Lucerne photographer Jacqueline Lipp captured and recorded exactly that for posterity. The impressive works can be seen in their new illustrated book.

The Lucerne photographer Jacqueline Lipp has published an impressive photo book about Lucerne in lockdown.

 This is what the city of Lucerne looks like in lockdown mode

« Stay at home »- One person does it at the window cozy and apparently sticks to the motto to stay at home.

This is how the city looks Lucerne in lockdown mode off

” Traffic light “- A young father is clearly trying not to press any buttons with his hands.

That's what

  • Als the pandemic arrived in Lucerne, the freelance photographer Jacqueline Lipp broke off the orders. She began to take photos of Lucerne's empty squares.

  • The pictures aroused great interest on Instagram, which is why she decided to make a photo book out of them.

  • However, no publisher wanted to take the risk, so she decided to use the To do the printing yourself.

  • With success: The illustrated book is well received and is available for purchase in various shops in Lucerne.

Anyone who visited the city of Lucerne in 2019 and returned a year later will probably hardly have recognized it. Where coaches and tourist groups fought with locals for every free meter, suddenly there was nothing more. Empty benches, no buses, no tourists, no open watch shops. Only locals who suddenly had their city all to themselves again. Locals like the 34-year-old Lucerne photographer Jacqueline Lipp. With the beginning of the pandemic, however, she suddenly lost all of her jobs as an event, people and advertising photographer. As she then moved through the streets, she encountered one surreal scene after another – so she took out her camera and began to capture Lucerne in lockdown for posterity.

Without a plan and without a goal

«Suddenly everything was empty. Places where dozens of people normally hang around were deserted, ”says the self-employed photographer. “That really impressed me.” She eventually began to capture all of these scenes. First without a plan and without a goal. “When I put the photos on Instagram, there was a surprising amount of feedback,” says Lipp. From rural areas in particular, there was huge interest in seeing the city in this dreary state.

A great financial risk

The great response was also the reason why she collected all the photographs at the beginning of this year and composed them into a first illustrated book. A great financial risk because: “I spoke to various publishers, but nobody really believed in the project”. She realized that if she wanted to make that happen, then she had to do it entirely on her own account. Now courage is mostly rewarded and that was also the case in her case: “I had 200 copies of a first illustrated book printed and they all went away within a few weeks,” she says with relief and a pinch of satisfaction in her voice.

«In a way it was magic too»

What she could not know at this point, however, was that the pandemic continued. And thus your photo tours through Lucerne. Picture by picture was added, so that your first publication was outdated after a short time. “So I put everything back together again into a new, final photo book”. On 187 pages you can flip through a Lucerne that you will hopefully never see again: empty, distant, seemingly dead. “However, in a way it was also magical to experience these places and squares so abandoned for once”.

With the printing, the project was over for Jacqueline Lipp. “In retrospect, I often think that I should have photographed a lot more. For example the scenes on the highways with the signs that you should stay at home. Or the dramas that took place at the temporarily closed national borders. ” In the end, however, she is satisfied with her work and she is happy about the positive feedback. And what about yourself? Does she have a favorite photo herself? “Not really, that keeps changing.” For example, there is the father with the stroller who operates the traffic light with his foot. Or the carnival, who bury the carnival in dramatic snowfall and under the eyes of the police. “But if it does, it's the photo with the three men, each sitting on a bench in front of the watch shop. I think that best shows what it was like in Lucerne during the lockdown ».

The illustrated book was published completely in black and white. You can buy it for 79 francs directly from Jacqueline Lipp and in Lucerne shops such as Buchhaus Stocker, the Hirschmatt bookstore, Fidea Design and Btogether.

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