Here you can find out what the royal drama has to do with drugs, «Scream» is getting a sequel – and more films are now coming to the cinema.

The trailer for «Spencer».

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  • Here you can find out which new films are waiting for you in the cinema this week.

  • Pablo Larraín mixes the story of Princess Diana on the screen with fictional elements.

  • A young Swede emigrates to the USA to become a porn star.

  • Die Slasher horror cult series «Scream» returns.

  • A Swiss documentary film illuminates the Uri painter Franz Fedier.


«Even if it was just our imagination, Diana connected us together and it felt like a drug. It was so cool, so good, ”Kristen Stewart told Deadline. The intoxicating role is Diana Spencer, aka Princess Diana of Wales.

In the early 1990s, she feels constricted in her relationship with Prince Charles (Jack Farthing) and the celebrity she is as Part of the English royal family learns.

She wants to break out

Her life surrounded by royals burdens her – so much that she has to vomit again and again in the film. She gets strength from her two sons Prince William (Jack Nielen) and Prince Harry (Freddie Spry).

Diana wants to break out of the rigid patterns: During three days of Christmas with the British Royals in Sandringham House in 1991, she rebelled against the protocol. She wears the wrong clothes, is late and makes the decision to leave royal life behind.

The mystery of Diana

Pablo Larraín tells from a life shaped by the pressure to play a perfect role.

According to the Chilean director, he staged a fable based on a true tragedy. Particularly interesting for the cinema: “The mystery that Diana carried is so great that we will never be able to crack it,” explains Larraín on “The Playlist”.

« Pleasure »

« People consume this insane amount of porn but nobody wants to talk about it. That's why I thought that this film had to be made », explains director Ninja Thyberg on« Collider ».

“Pleasure” is about Linnéa (Sofia Kappel): The nineteen-year-old Swede travels to the USA to become a porn star. But the experiences she stumbles into as Bella Cherry turn out to be borderline.

The leading actress is an acting newbie

For research on the film, director Ninja Thyberg held talks with porn stars and was there during the shoots: “I wanted to find the real people behind the stereotypes,” she says to “Variety”.

She also cast the roles People from the porn business – except for the main character. Thyberg spent a year and a half looking for the perfect cast: “When Sofia Kappel came into the room, it was like a fairy tale. I felt her acting talent right away, even if she had no experience in it. »

The trailer for« Pleasure ».


«Scream» returns after eleven years: In the sequel, Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell and David Arquette are back as the main characters. In Woodsboro, the Ghostface killer claimed victims in the past.

Now there is a new series of murders and the small town has to pull together to catch the perpetrator. According to Cox, it should be “really scary”, as she reveals in a press statement.

The trailer for “Scream”.

«Fedier – Uri color virtuoso»

If you have to grapple with art, then you are doing something wrong, of that Franz Fedier was convinced. The artist, who died in 2005, became known for his abstract painting.

Director Felice Zenoni is now dedicating a documentary film to him: In it, Fedier's granddaughter Alma travels to Paris, Lucerne and Bern, among other places, and meets people there who have accompanied her grandfather in his life. In the cinema since January 6th.

The trailer for “Fedier – Urner color virtuoso”.

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