Online shops are doing well in the pandemic. But the orders don't always arrive on time. That is why many complaints about delays in delivery were received by consumer protection this year.

Trouble number one this year is delivery delays …

The Swiss annoyed themselves the most

… and warranty refusals. Warranties are often wrongly refused, especially for smartphones and cameras.

 The Swiss are most angry about it

Aggressive and unfair business methods are named as anger number two. So many people fall for subscription traps online and get high bills afterwards.


  • 14,933 complaints and reports were received by consumer protection this year.

  • At the top of the list of annoyances are delivery delays and refusals of guarantees.

  • The Swiss are also annoyed by aggressive business methods and the customer service of telecom providers.

Online shopping has been booming since the corona pandemic. But the ordered goods often arrive too late or not at all: That annoys many Swiss people. That is why delivery delays are at the top of the list of annoyances in 2021.

The list was drawn up by the Alliance of Consumer Protection Organizations, consisting of the German-speaking Swiss consumer protection organization, the French-speaking Swiss FRC and the Ticino ACSI. To this end, 14,933 complaints and reports between January and November were taken into account. That is 1127 less than last year.

According to consumer protection, this is due to the fact that current contracts, such as those in fitness centers, were interrupted at the beginning of the pandemic. This led to a lot of legal uncertainty. In the meantime, many open questions have been clarified and the complaints have decreased.

These are the most common annoyances for the Swiss in 2021:

  • The number one problem this year, in addition to delivery delays, is the denial of guarantees. In the case of smartphones and cameras in particular, guarantees are often wrongly refused. Vendors require evidence that defects existed at the time of purchase. It's nearly impossible.

  • Trouble number two is aggressive and dishonest business practices. So many people fall for subscription traps online and get high bills afterwards. For example, when you register on a foreign streaming platform. There is nothing there to indicate that registration is subject to a charge. A short time later, the platform issues an invoice for annual fees.

  • Trouble number three is customer services provided by telecom providers. Many complain that employees are poorly trained or that issues are played down. Another problem is that at Salt and UPC Sunrise, cancellations are only accepted via chat and phone.

  • The fourth problem is health insurances: Consumer protection often receives reports of rejected ones Mandatory services, incorrect cost credits or incorrect billing of services.

  • Trouble number five is financial services and privacy. For example, the operators of the electronic vaccination book were unable to plug the data protection holes that were discovered. The platform has now gone bankrupt and consumers cannot access their vaccination data.

  • Trouble number six is ​​mobility and the public service. For example, the shortened mailbox emptying times at Swiss Post are causing red heads. Airlines also annoyed the Swiss because instead of a ticket refund, they often only offered vouchers.

Reports in connection with Corona:

Annoyances directly related to the Corona pandemic 2021 slightly decreased compared to the previous year. Various problems persisted:

  • Automatic renewal of fitness subscriptions after or during the shutdown timeout or ordered closure.

  • None or delayed reimbursement of purchased tickets in the event of the cancellation of concerts, events and competitions.

  • No reimbursement or late reimbursement after cancellation of the organizer of the prepaid costs for flight, hotel or training.

  • Questions and criticism about the official measures to combat pandemics.

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