The fact that employees do not always agree is not a problem. But if colleagues simply do not get along with each other, you have to intervene.

In times of home office and minimum distance, you can avoid some annoying employees. However, ongoing disputes cannot be eliminated even with the Corona measures. When the tatters regularly fly at meetings and when exchanging emails, employees and superiors are asked to get involved in the conflict – otherwise the situation can escalate. Here are some things to watch out for when trying to resolve a dispute between colleagues.

1. Superiors should never look the other way

Some superiors would probably stay out of an argument between two employees, believing that it is none of their business. This may sometimes be the case, but as a boss you should be responsible for ensuring that there is a good working atmosphere and that the company's goals are achieved – two arguing colleagues stand in the way of this process. Because this has a negative effect on the mood in the office, which leads to less concentration and more mistakes.

2. Under no circumstances take sides

Whether boss or employee: Playing the judge can backfire: Anyone who presumes to judge the dispute and even takes one side, worsens the conflict. Therefore, all backgrounds should be carefully checked and a dialogue with the parties to the dispute should be sought. Instead of reprimanding the brawlers straight away, they should ask about the employees' perception. Very important: Always communicate objectively and transparently.

3. As an employee, it is essential to be on the lookout

Workers can also make a valuable contribution to settling disputes between employees. Finally, the bad mood also affects the office environment. All those involved should be particularly careful before forming a camp, because as a party to the dispute you naturally try to get the people around you to your side. If too many people are involved in the conflict, this can destroy an entire corporate culture.

4. Patience is required

The parties involved understand that a quick solution should be found in office disputes. But when there is a conflict between two work colleagues, usually only the tip of the iceberg is visible. This can hide fundamental problems that have persisted for years – and such problems usually cannot be solved with a conversation. External mediators or coaches can also be called in to resolve deeper conflicts.

5. Pull the emergency brake in an emergency

As much as everyone hopes for a defuse in such a situation: If a dispute has reached a certain escalation level, the emergency brake must be pulled. If the superiors have not yet got wind of the dispute, you should pass it on as soon as possible, before the situation gets completely out of hand.

6. Arguing can also be beneficial

Despite all mediation efforts: A certain culture of dispute is important for every company, because this brings different perspectives and thus more compatible solutions to the fore. Disputes should therefore not always be prevented immediately – but should they get out of hand, action must be taken.

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