From next week there will be traffic lights in front of the shops again. Some dealers hire extra staff to count their customers. They give tips on how to avoid waiting times.

The retailers have voluntarily imposed capacity restrictions.

 How to avoid queues for Christmas shopping

As of the course of next week, the restriction will apply again that one customer per six square meters is allowed in stores with an area of ​​up to 300 square meters. In larger shops it is ten square meters per person.

 This is how you avoid the queues for Christmas shopping

The fact that the restrictions are implemented precisely in the run-up to Christmas has sparked major discussions among retailers.

That's what

  • The retailers are voluntarily giving themselves capacity restrictions again.

  • With this they want to prevent stricter measures and enforce uniform rules throughout Switzerland.

  • With these Tips to avoid queues.

In the middle of the run-up to Christmas, the Swiss retailers are voluntarily reintroducing a square meter restriction. The industry associations Swiss Retail Federation and IG Retail Switzerland announced this on Thursday.

This is to prevent a possible shutdown. The restrictions will be implemented over the course of the next week. This could result in queues in front of the branches again. That is why customers should find out more about how busy a store is depending on the time of day, as Dagmar Jenni, Managing Director of the Swiss Retail Federation, told 20 Minuten.

These are the measures in the stores:

With the voluntary customer restriction, the following rule applies again: In stores with a sales area of ​​up to 300 square meters, one customer is allowed to use six square meters. In larger shops, ten square meters per person apply. But that is only part of the protection concept. The distance rules continue to apply, markings on the floor draw the customer's attention to this. The mask requirement, which the dealers mention in regular announcements, also continues to apply.

The fact that the restrictions will be implemented exactly in the run-up to Christmas has sparked major discussions among retailers. “But if we wait, the measures will only be stricter and that will not help anyone,” says Jenni.

To ensure that Christmas shopping does not become an ordeal, the association recommends finding out more about Google, for example. when there is a lot or little going on in a store. “It also makes sense to do your shopping at the beginning of the week, because then there is less going on in the shops,” explains Jenni.

Go shopping alone and at off-peak times

Especially before the holidays, there could be a rush in village shops, according to Volgs. In order to shorten waiting times, purchases should therefore be made at off-peak times. In addition, only one person per household should go shopping.

Franz Carl Weber, however, is not worried about long queues. Although the toy retailer only opened a new branch in Zurich-Altstetten on Monday: “Last year, too, people only had to wait five minutes outside in the branch in Zurich,” says CEO Roger Bühler.

Finally buy people in the pandemic single-mindedly and do not linger long in the store. “Only if there were 2G controls would we have to engage in heated discussions,” says Bühler.

In order to implement the restrictions, the customers at Franz Carl Weber are counted. The toy retailer hires extra staff for this: “That costs us a lot of money,” says Bühler. «We are in the most hectic phase of the whole year and have no staff on reserve.»

Thousands of francs additional costs per day

For the 16 smaller branches, Bühler expects additional staff costs of CHF 1,000 per week each; at the six larger branches it should be an additional CHF 2,000 per week. But it is not a problem to increase the staff and that is gladly accepted for uniform rules. Because the cantonal league is very confusing for customers.

Manor also complains of additional costs due to the restrictions. a capacity restriction is a restrictive step, especially in the Christmas season, says a spokeswoman. In doing so, the department store is making its contribution against the pandemic in solidarity.

Ideally, shop at Lidl between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Lidl doesn't worry about long queues. The discounter even assumes that fewer customers will shop under the current circumstances. If there are still waiting times, one hopes for the discipline of the customers as in the previous waves, says a spokeswoman.

She recommends coming shopping throughout the day. The times between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and not just before the end of the day are ideal. As of next week, Lidl, like Migros, will again be using a traffic light system to restrict access.

Home office and corona uncertainty is more of a burden on stores than the capacity restriction

The Loeb department store in Bern is also installing a customer counting system again. CEO Ronald Christen does not expect long queues in view of the large retail space. If so, the security staff are available.

Christians don't worry about the Christmas business because of the voluntary measures. Rather, Loeb sees the urgent home office recommendation and the general uncertainty about the latest developments as the reason for the declining frequency.

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