Several days pass before the result arrives and then there are contradicting results with incorrect dates: There is apparently pure chaos in a Covid-19 test center in Stans. The canton of Nidwalden has seen enough and is now intervening.

In the canton of Nidwalden there is confusion about the results of corona tests. (Symbolic picture)

 & laquo; So we'll never get rid of the virus again & raquo;

People have been tested in the Corona test center on Engelbergstrasse in Stans and received different results for the same test.

 & laquo; We will never get rid of the virus again & raquo;

For example, a person got two different results after a test. And: the date of the PCR test is wrong on the left and the time of removal in the picture on the right.

Testing, testing, testing – that was once the credo of how to get the pandemic under control. What happens if these tests are not carried out properly can be observed these days in Nidwalden: A couple who felt Covid symptoms drove to the test center on Engelbergstrasse in Stans on Tuesday last week to do a PCR test. “The removal took place at 9.30 a.m.,” says the man *, who for professional reasons is always up to date about the measures that the Federal Council is ordering in the fight against Corona. A full three days passed until the result of his partner finally arrived by SMS at 1:19 a.m. on Friday night. The relief was great because the result was negative. The joy only lasted for a short time: on Friday at 10:21 a.m., a new text message arrived from the same laboratory. This time, however, the result of the same test was positive.

The dates and times were incorrect

Not only that, the dates and times were also irritating: “Because the date of the removal was wrong with the negative result and the time of the finding did not match with the positive decision, I called the head of the test center,” he says. There he received the advice that his partner should be tested a second time, although a few days should then pass before the result is available.

Because the head of the test center was not ready to contact the laboratory and the conversation was not satisfactory for the man, he sent an email to the responsible laboratory, Dr. Risch in Lausanne. In the letter he pointed out the differences and asked how he and his partner should behave now. On Friday afternoon, due to the positive result, they received instructions from the canton of Nidwalden to go into quarantine and isolation. Because it did not leave him in peace, he also contacted the responsible canton doctor. “He had behaved extremely professionally and contributed to the solution.” In the meantime, his partner received the result that she is not a Covid carrier.

But he is still waiting for a response from the laboratory to his letter. He feels particularly offended by the test procedures: “What is happening here is extremely negligent. It could be that now someone is walking around and being positive without knowing it and transmitting the viruses to other people. ” His conclusion: “These tests only created uncertainty. That way we'll never get rid of the virus. »

Kanton are aware of« obvious inconsistencies »

The case described is also not an isolated case, confirms a spokesman for the canton of Nidwalden. Because of the long waiting times, this “received relevant information and is following up”. It is “unfortunate when the test result is a long time coming. Also for people willing to test without symptoms. ” Although it is known that laboratory capacities are exhausted in most locations, “however, the PCR test results should normally arrive no later than 48 hours later.” The displeasure of those affected is understandable. But: “The canton can only influence this indirectly by carrying out inspections in test centers or laboratories, drawing up lists of defects, drawing the operators' attention to them and requesting documents for the purposes of quality management. This has happened in the present case. ” The operator must now remedy defects within a reasonable period of time. “If this is not the case, the canton reserves the right to take further steps.”

“We are aware that there were obviously inconsistencies in the information on tests, for example incorrect test locations were listed.” However, the canton cannot yet say how often this has happened and whether incorrect test results have been sent. A clean approach to tests and their evaluation is still essential. Contact tracing only becomes active when a message about a positive result appears in the national registration system. “The health department must assume that these reports are correct. Or that otherwise they can be corrected subsequently by the recorders so that the contact tracing can react accordingly. ” Anyone who receives confusing or incorrect information from a test center should therefore contact the cantonal helpline immediately – Tel. 041 618 43 34, email:

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Do you or does someone you know have problems with the Corona time?

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