The mask requirement indoors will most likely be reactivated on Monday. Bars and clubs in Lucerne are therefore expecting one last big rush this weekend. Not a safe situation. The operators deal with it very differently. We asked.

Dario Schneider from Tschuppi & # x27; s Wonderbar is not really happy to the upcoming mask requirement.

 So pubs and clubs are preparing for the last big rush

Tschuppi & # x27; s Wonderbar will have to reduce its operations significantly from Monday.

So r & uuml; pubs and clubs are ready for the last big rush

The two operators of the Hafenbar zur Metzgerhalle, Tamino Müller (left) and Nicolas Gomez, are looking forward to the weekend …

That's what it's about

  • The mask requirement is about to make a comeback. Clubs and bars in Lucerne are now expecting one last big rush

  • Bar59, Rok and other clubs will probably close until further notice.

  • < p> Hafenbar and Tschuppi's Wonderbar continue to run. Likewise the Christmas market on the Inseli.

The seven-day incidence (currently 467) in Lucerne is high, far too high, hospitalizations (currently 67) are increasing, as are people on ventilators (9). The Federal Council is now acting. He is tightening the pandemic measures again and will most likely bring back the mask requirement indoors from Monday. From Monday. And that is the crux of the matter, because there is a weekend before a Monday and this one that is coming now has it all: dancing one last time, going for a drink one last time without a mask and compulsory seating – clubs and bars await one last big rush, so to speak the storm before the calm. An ambivalent situation for the operators. Because: They want to protect themselves and their employees and do without the urgently needed income, but they cannot either. So is there a fear of the rush? 20 Minuten asked the operators how they deal with the situation.

One last hurray in the Bar59 – and then it's over

“Afraid of the onslaught?” Nicolas Gomez repeats the question in disbelief. “Absolutely not”, the co-operator of the Hafenbar zur Metzgerhalle answers himself. But: “At the moment we are almost exclusively in our garden with around 20 seats”. So he and his staff don't feel uncomfortable during work. “We are all vaccinated twice and if you want, you also wear a mask,” says Gomez. And from Monday, he expects the staff to wear a mask again anyway. He sees the whole situation as worse for his other bar: Although Bar59 will still be operating normally this weekend, it immediately restricts: “We are not overcrowding and have already reduced our capacities. When we're full, people have to wait outside. ” One last little hurray, then, “then we'll close until further notice”. Economically, a dance club that requires a mask simply makes no sense. He assumes that this will apply to 95 percent of all clubs in Switzerland.

Tschuppi's final concert

“On Friday we have another concert, on Saturday a popular DJ plays and on Sunday afternoon we still show sport,” says Rolf Tschuppert, owner of Tschuppi's Wonderbar. After that, however, the fun is over, he says. No more concerts, fewer staff, sales would probably be halved. Until Monday, however, everything will still run normally in his restaurant.

Mask is already being worn in the town hall brewery

Alois Keizer, Managing Director of the Rathaus Brewery, is also not afraid of any large crowds: “Since many company events have been canceled, we have enough capacity.” There is no problem with the extended mask requirement at the bar on the banks of the Reuss: “We already had a mask requirement indoors in the spring. For us, it is more important to have a seat. ” A mask requirement for the staff already applies. “To protect yourself and the guests,” says Keizer. In addition, care is taken to keep customer contact as short as possible.

The Schüür continues to celebrate

The Konzerthaus Schüür has two concerts on the schedule this weekend. Based on the tickets sold, one expects a well-attended weekend there, but not a big rush. And unlike Tschuppi’s Wonderbar, Schüür plans concerts for as long as possible despite a mask requirement. “With parties it will probably be more difficult,” says manager Marco Liembd. The Schüür is implementing the federal measures, which is why, according to Liembd, a bouquet of options is already available from which the appropriate measures can be picked after the Federal Council decision.

__20hd close

“It is not feasible for us to sit down during consumption,” says Philipp Kathriner, managing director of the Rok Club. It is not possible for the restaurant to operate profitably in this way. Even if a mask is required, Kathriner assumes it will be closed. “We'll take a closer look at that if it comes to that.” At the Rok one expects that there could be an increased rush this weekend due to the tightening.

Rudolf's Christmas

Last but not least, some good news: Rudolf's Christmas Christmas market on Inseli is taking place and will stay. There, too, they will adapt to the conditions, says Philipp Kathriner, who, in addition to the Rok Club, is also the organizer of Rudolf's Christmas. Because of the mask requirement, fewer people should visit the Christmas market, thinks the co-organizer. Because people already know the situation, the decline should be limited. After all, the risk of infection outside is significantly lower than inside.

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