The prices for ski holidays have fallen since Corona. But there are still huge price differences depending on the region. Families can save thousands of francs with a price comparison. The most expensive is winter fun in Zermatt.

A current analysis has calculated the prices for 14 ski resorts.

So much you pay for a vacation in the Swiss ski areas

The costs vary greatly depending on the location for a family of four who enjoy a week's vacation with an 8-day ski pass, ski school, ski rental and holiday apartment including visitor's tax bay. The ranking list:

 This is how much you pay for a vacation in the Swiss ski areas

Aletsch Arena: 3428 francs

That's what it's all about

  • If you compare prices, you can save several thousand francs on your ski holiday.

  • An analysis of 14 Ski areas.

  • Because of Corona, skiing has generally become cheaper.

  • If traveling remains difficult, the prices could be in the next Years.

Skiing holidays in Switzerland are expensive fun. Depending on the ski area, there are big price differences: in the most expensive places it costs around 69 percent more than in the cheapest regions. A family can save several thousand francs so quickly, as the analysis by the business research company BAK Economics on behalf of Bank Cler shows.

The comparison of 14 ski areas for a week's vacation next February with an 8-day ski pass, Ski school, ski rental and seven nights in the holiday apartment including visitor's tax costs a family of four in the Aletsch Arena less than 3500 francs.

The prices for Zermatt, Verbier and St. Moritz, on the other hand, are over CHF 5000 (see picture above) . Then there are the costs for food, travel and entertainment. Here is a detailed overview of how the costs for winter sports holidays are made up depending on the region:

 This is how much you pay for a vacation in the Swiss ski areas

This is how the costs for the ski vacation for a family of four are composed.

 This is how much you pay for a vacation in the Swiss ski regions

These costs arise for students who Rent a holiday apartment together for seven days.

So much do you pay for holidays in the Swiss ski areas

And that's what a couple with high demands pays for winter holidays depending on the ski area.

Compared to the last price analysis two years ago, the costs have fallen in almost all regions: the corona pandemic made skiing in Switzerland three percent cheaper on average. The biggest price reductions were in Saas-Fee with 9.4 percent and in the Flims-Laax-Falera region with 8.1 percent.

Overnight stays are almost 5 percent cheaper

Overnight stays in holiday homes account for the largest share of expenses; Airbnb prices were compared for this in the analysis. Since Corona, the accommodation costs have fallen by an average of 4.8 percent. However, there are high fluctuations depending on the region: A family of four in Airolo or in the Aletsch Arena can save 1,000 francs compared to Arosa-Lenzerheide or Zermatt.

Even in the cheapest places you can still go to the Save accommodation. If the holiday apartment is located in a valley community like Fieschertal, the costs are cheaper than on the car-free plateau like Fiescheralp, as a spokeswoman for the Aletsch Arena explains.

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“Premium destinations like St. Moritz are always more expensive than less well-known ski areas,” says tourism professor Jürg Stettler from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The famous name makes the price. But the offer doesn't have to be better than in cheaper places.

But it can also be the case that you will find an all-inclusive package with accommodation and ski pass in a region that is very cheap, explains Stettler. In addition, the ski areas are increasingly relying on dynamic prices: This saves a lot of money outside the main season.

Further price reductions possible

As a reason for the price reductions since Corona, Stettler sees the decreased demand from abroad, which could not be compensated by Swiss guests. “A lower occupancy automatically leads to lower prices,” says the tourism expert.

The popularity of ski holidays declined in view of global warming even before Corona. Therefore, prices could continue to fall. However, if traveling remains difficult in the next few years due to Corona, prices could rise again.

“If travel is only possible without worries within Europe, the Swiss tourists will stay here and the European guests again come instead of going on a world tour », says Stettler. Then demand increases and so does the price.

Students travel the cheapest in Airolo

The analysis by BAK Economics for Bank Cler also shows the prices for students who rent a holiday apartment together for seven days . With 8-day ski passes and rented ski equipment, you pay the most in Andermatt, followed by Verbier and St. Moritz. The cheapest way to travel is in Airolo.

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