Michael Wendler and Laura Müller advertise with “sexy foot massages” and “hot prospects” on the erotic platform. We checked how popular the content really is.

The Wendlers have officially been on Onlyfans for a week. Stars and private individuals can post chargeable photos and videos on the platform – mostly erotic or pornographic content.

This is how much the Wendlers should earn with their Onlyfans

The Wendlers' teaser picture: Laura's bottom in bikini bottoms. After a week, the two had already published 13 posts and received 1500 likes for them.

 This is how much the Wendlers should earn with their onlyfans

The photos and videos can only be viewed if you pay the equivalent of 32 francs a month. However, the captions are free to read.

That's what

  • Scandalous couple Michael Wendler (49) and Laura Müller (21) have recently become active on Onlyfans.

  • On the payment platform, celebrities and social media stars offer exclusive content, which is mostly of an erotic nature, for a certain amount per month.

  • We have calculated how much money the Wendlers could have made after a week on Onlyfans.

Pop singer Michael Wendler (49) and his wife Laura Müller (21) have been advertising on the Onlyfans payment platform for a week with the promise that fans can experience their relationship for around 32 francs a month “very privately and up close”. «Welcome to the Wendlers. This has never happened before », it says in the description. In the teaser, Laura's bottom is emblazoned, which once brought the “Playboy” magazine record sales figures. But is the only fan content of the two equally popular? We do the math.

Unlike on Instagram, the subscription numbers are not openly visible. Only the likes are displayed, which in the case of the Wendlers add up to 1,500 for 13 posts. Inferring from this how many people look at the exclusive content of the couple is not an exact science – there are probably followers who never give a like and those who give every post a heart.

Up to 48,000 francs

The fact is, however, that only those who pay can like. This means that a maximum of 1500 users are currently allowed to pay for the couple's advertised “hot” onlyfans content. In addition, each person can only like a post once. The third post by the Wendlers is the most popular with 273 likes – and therefore there are at least 273 subscribers. The earnings would have to be roughly between 8700 and 48,000 francs.

20 percent of sales go to Onlyfans themselves – leaving the Wendlers with at least 7,000 francs. Since the two have only been running the account for a week, they could also gain numerous subscribers in the coming weeks.

Oil foot massage for Laura

In the past few days, however, there has been increased criticism of the onlyfans content by Wendler and Laura. While the payers were hoping for erotic content, the couple mainly shows what is hidden in Laura's luxury Advent calendar. For example, on December 1st, the “no matter” interpreter gave his loved one a car.

According to the gossip portal Promiflash.de, foot fans also got their money's worth at the weekend. The pop singer is said to have spilled massage oil on Laura's feet from a distance and then massaged her feet. Wendler promised: “This is just the beginning.”

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