The same lyre every year: after a few weeks, the resolutions you have made vanish into thin air. It doesn't have to be. Because there are some tricks that lead to success.

Especially at the beginning of the year, the freshly made resolutions are still within reach. But do they survive the following months? Since many people ignore the implementation of their resolutions after a few months, even after the umpteenth turn of the year, resignation is absolutely understandable. Why take on something all the time when you can't keep it anyway?

But newly set goals create perspectives and have a positive effect on our psyche. The feeling of starting the new year with a change can therefore release very unfamiliar powers – you just have to use them properly. We therefore advise: Keep doing something in the future!

With the following tips you can optimally implement your New Year's resolutions:

For a good feeling : Even if you already know that you may not keep them or that you will not start anything with New Year's resolutions can: still do something. The feeling of working on yourself has a positive effect on the psyche and can also have a lasting effect on your life through very small changes.

Find like-minded people. If you come together in your resolutions with a partner, you can motivate each other and implement your plans together.

Make your resolution your goal. A resolution is not binding, but you set a goal.

Always adjust your resolutions. Doing the same thing over and over again and then not sticking to it is of little use. So look back on the past few years: What did you plan to do? Have you already had partial success? Maybe you can build on these successes and adjust your resolutions accordingly.

Avoid multitasking – because less is usually more. Deciding to turn your whole life inside out is usually doomed to failure. But if you approach challenges in small steps, you will be amazed by the sense of achievement.

Visualize your goal. Put yourself mentally into the situation in which you have already reached your goal and can now enjoy all the associated advantages.

Accept your weaknesses and learn to deal with them. Instead, ask yourself how you balance your resolutions with your personality.

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