After 52 days, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced his resignation, Ex-Chancellor Kurz wants to leave politics entirely. Now the time has come for Karl Nehammer, who will probably become the new head of government on Monday.

Karl Nehammer will probably be the new Chancellor.

 This is Austria's new Chancellor

He will replace Alexander Schallenberg.

 This is Austria's new chancellor

Previously, the former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz had already retired from politics.

That's what it's about

  • The incumbent Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg resigns.

  • His successor is likely to be Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (49).

  • Nehammer is a well-networked hardliner.

After the withdrawal of ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the announced resignation of his successor Alexander Schallenberg after just 52 days, Austria is facing another change at the top of the government. On Friday, the board of the conservative ÖVP in Vienna will be discussing who should lead the party and the chancellery in personal union in the future.

According to the Austrian media, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has a good chance of becoming chancellor and party. In contrast to Schallenberg, the 49-year-old is very well networked in the ÖVP. Among other things, Nehammer enjoys the support of the influential Prime Minister of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, who openly spoke up for him on Thursday.

Enjoyed a lot of trust

The Viennese, whose wife Katharina is also firmly anchored in the party, was the general secretary of the ÖVP according to «Today» Kurz & # x27; Man for the rough. He is also considered a hardliner in the Ministry of the Interior when it comes to migration. Like Kurz, the former professional soldier stands for a tough stance against illegal migration and radical Islamist currents.

According to “Profil”, Nehammer is not only a man who can enforce tough measures – the police subordinate to him even issue buses for illegal park bench sitting in Austria – but also a hard worker who often stays in the Ministry of the Interior from 8 a.m. to midnight. According to surveys, he enjoys a lot of trust among the citizens.

In his free time he likes to go for a walk with his Bavarian mountain welding dog, Fanny, knows «Profil». In doing so, he “also observes the citizens”.

Criticism after the terrorist attack in Vienna

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Vienna on November 2, 2020, Nehammer was criticized with four deaths because his authority did it despite warnings about trying to buy ammunition of the perpetrator known to the police had failed to act accordingly.

In July, he also hit the headlines because his wife demanded 3,500 euros each from several private individuals who had shared a false Facebook post about them: It said that Katharina Nehammer worked for Hygiene Austria , but she only did press work for the institution. Karl Nehammer defended his wife's actions because she defended herself “as a victim of hate online”.

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