A family man has a copy made of himself, and three single men compete in a Nigerian Christmas film – you can now find that on the streaming services.

The trailer for «Swan Song».

That's what it's all about

  • Here you can find out which highlights are coming this week on the streaming services.

  • A family man decides to buy one Have a clone made of you.

  • The first Nigerian Christmas film is starting on Netflix.

«Swan Song»

How about if we could protect our loved ones from grief? Cameron (Mahershara Ali) is terminally ill. He doesn't tell his pregnant wife Poppy (Naomie Harris) and their son Cory how bad things are for him.

In order not to leave his family alone, Cameron plans to replace himself: He wants to save Poppy and Cory from seeing him die and turns to the Arra Labs in Vancouver.

Clone without disease

There the unimaginable becomes possible: The team around Dr. Scott (Glenn Close) offers a service that changes the relationship to death. Customers are cloned, the new versions have all memories and the full subconscious – without the disease.

Cameron's freshly made doppelganger is called Jack: he fits into the family unnoticed, while Cameron spends his last days alone in the laboratory.

Lies as protection?

That he has to take this secret with him when he dies is a burden on him. The question that Cameron pursues: Is it right to lie to the family because you want to protect them?

Benjamin Cleary, who is also behind the script, directed it. At a press conference he explains that the story came about after he lost three people who were close to you: “When something like this happens, you can see how the grief penetrates to the outside and affects everyone else around you.”

«Swan Song» will be available on Apple TV + from December 17th.

Are you mourning or is mourning < strong> someone you know?

You can find help here:

Offered hand, worry hotline, Tel. 143

Seelsorge.net, offer of the Reformed and Catholic Churches

Muslim pastoral care, Tel. 043 205 21 29

Lifewith.ch, for affected siblings

Rainbow Switzerland Association, help for grieving families

Self-help groups

Pro Juventute, advice for children and young people, Tel. 147

Pro Senectute, advising older people in difficult life situations

“A Naija Christmas”

“Whoever gets married first gets this house,” says mother (Rachel Remi) to her three sons (played by Rachel Oniga) , Efa Iwara and Alvin Abayomi) who then choke on the food.

It is the mother's last attempt to match up her sons. She finally wants to celebrate Christmas as a big family – the only problem: All three young men are single.

Race for partners

With the new pressure, the three brothers are racing. To have a partner by your side at Christmas, contact ex-girlfriends and women they dated ten years ago.

Why do you have to see “A Naija Christmas”? “The film is authentic, original, funny and the first Christmas film of its kind,” says filmmaker Kunle Afolayan about “Vanguard”. It was an honor to work with Rachel Oniga.

“A Naija Christmas” will be available on Netflix from December 16.

The trailer to «A Naija Christmas».

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