They marked 2019, what are their resolutions for 2020?

To get the year off to a good start, Le Mag asked some of the most interesting and remarkable personalities of 2019 to share their resolutions for 2020. You will find several names that you have often read in our pages. Chefs, artists, some of our leaders too. Health, work, family, many ambitions pass there. Here is the list of their wishes, aspirations and hopes for the coming months, hoping that they will inspire yours. Because you have to stick to a resolution because it is good, and not just because it was taken, wrote De La Rochefoucauld.
Interview by Francis Higgins, Raphaëlle Plante and Isabelle Mathieu

“Above all, I want my employees to be happy, because we are really a family. I also want to continue to transmit my knowledge and my passion to young people, to help them to perform and to continue their learning. Also, I want my restaurants to continue to work well! ”
– Jean-Luc Boulay, chef owner of Saint-Amour restaurants, Chez Boulay and Les Botanistes, for whom the idea of ​​retirement is still far away.

Jean-Luc Boulay

“In one sentence, my resolution for 2020 would be to take the time to appreciate all the good things that are happening at full speed for Bleu Jeans Bleu, while learning to take care of us and our family lives. , while receiving friends between two sports activities, without forgetting to eat better while having fun around a simple objective: bite into life while listening to yourself in perseverance and respect for a healthy lifestyle. ”
– Claude Cobra (Mathieu Lafontaine of his real name), singer of Bleu Jeans Bleu, named group of the year at the Gala de l’ADISQ

Claude Cobra (center front)

“I have noticed that it is always easier to make resolutions for others than for oneself. This is why my resolution for this year would be for Quebec to reduce its consumption of meat, eat more tofu and legumes, for the good of the planet and animals. ”
– Jean-Philippe (Cyr, of his surname), blogger and author of vegan recipes

Jean Philippe

“I love making wishes and even resolutions at the start of the year!” What could be more inspiring than filling in a blank page? I am one of those who keep their promises, who renew them, who add more over the months. Who dream big and strong, and big. I think you should never stop hoping, promising and promising yourself a thousand crazy adventures. We feel alive when we dream. It’s like falling in love and vibrating with all your being. Without putting pressure, of course, this heavyweight which aims to achieve perfection. I’m not there at all, imperfect as I always will be. Life is a game for me, so let’s play! Be gentle, generous and empathetic in all of our small and grand projects! ”
– Alexandra Diaz, host, producer and author of cookbooks

Alexandra Diaz

“Continue to take care of me inside and out. Innovate and always stay up to date with culinary trends. Be a business owner who shares his corporate values ​​with his staff. Continue to exceed my entrepreneurial limits and go for it with my crazy ideas (because God knows I have some!) ”
– Geneviève Everell, chef owner of Sushi at home, who opened her first branch in Quebec this year

Geneviève Everell

“First, health is very important. Second, health. In third, a wonderful 2020 year for Le Soleil . Fourth, health and a PSA test [a prostate cancer screening test] for men aged 50 and over. ”
– Régis Labeaume, the mayor of Quebec, who himself had to miss work in the spring for prostate cancer treatment

Régis Labeaume
Régis Labeaume

“I wish I had more time to waste so I could have more time to think and be more creative. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I will buy one more product, for food banks or for the homeless (for example, having energy bars in the car to give them). ”
– Ricardo Larrivée, which has just opened its first ready-to-eat counter in Quebec


“2020 will be an important year for the environment. I intend to continue reading for the presentation of the next electrification and climate change plan aimed at achieving our 2030 resolution targets. For the government: make sure to maintain a good working atmosphere between ministers and elected officials and political staff. The CAQ is a beautiful and big family and we must keep our group together! ”
– François Legault, Premier of Quebec

François Legault

“For 2020, I hope that, collectively, we can better appreciate the chance we have of living in a country of freedom of expression, in a country offering one of the most beautiful qualities of life in the world! A moment of pause to think about it sows joy around us. ”
– Gilles Lehouillier, mayor of Lévis

Gilles Lehouillier

“As wish: I wish us, in Quebec, to be (even more) caring, welcoming and smiling in 2020. What defines us? What is the magic touch of the people of Quebec? The one that makes us unique … Let’s meditate collectively. It would be too silly to forget that we are able to appreciate each other, with respect and dignity. There will always be issues to divide us, but, ultimately, it is fraternity that must triumph. Each of us must contribute. I wish us a happy new year.
As a resolution: family life and fatherhood make me want to give the best of myself. It also requires me to deal with my faults. Accept them without denying them. And work to improve myself. Life is a huge playground. An adventure that must be made fantastic for oneself and for those around us. Resolutely, this year, I will dedicate it to cultivating joy. I also want to support my children in the discovery of their creativity and try to repel mine by playing as much as possible with images, music and sounds. Be a constant dad and boyfriend. Pursue my artistic dreams and delusions with determination. Be a working colleague. ”
– Pierre-Yves Lord, host

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