Regardless of whether you are a global superstar or a newcomer: Going viral on Tiktok is not that easy. An annual report shows which songs dominated the platform in 2021.

2021 was Måneskin's year. After winning the ESC, the band took off and caused a hype with their older cover of «Beggin '» on Tiktok.

 These songs were the most successful Tiktok hits in 2021

The Tiktok annual report not only summarizes which songs were extremely successful in 2021. Honor is also paid to the users who have found new fame on the platform this year. Above all: Khaby Lame. The 21-year-old made it to the top with comedy videos in 2021.

 These songs were the most successful Tiktok hits in 2021

Chef Puff is also a “Breakthrough Star” this year. The owner of the cat films cute cooking videos with his pet, which inspire the community.

That's what

  • Tiktok has published a report that shows which trends and content will be available on the platform in 2021 for the caused most interactions.

  • The list of songs that were most popular and successful on Tiktok provides an insight into the preferences of the community.

  • In the photo gallery above you will also find a summary of other Tiktok highlights of this year.

At the end of 2021, the bill will be settled: Tiktok has published an annual report that summarizes which trends and content have dominated the platform over the past twelve months. Over a billion users worldwide used Tiktok this year, i.e. published videos and/or consumed content, which for statistics has brought together a motley heap of material.

Also the songs that were released this year used for videos was scrutinized. The top 5 ranking gives an insight into the musical trends and successes of the year.

“Astronaut In The Ocean” – Masked Wolf

At the top is a song that slowly but surely became a Tiktok trend at the end of 2020 and then, especially in the first few months of the current year, it was impossible to imagine the platform without it. As so often on Tiktok, the focus is only on a very short excerpt from “Astronaut In The Ocean” by rapper Masked Wolf (30).

“Beggin '” – Måneskin

The Italian band Måneskin was catapulted onto the international scene in spring 2021 by winning the Eurovision Song Contest. A cover of «Beggin '», which the four whiz kid originally performed in 2017 when they took part in the casting show «X Factor», then became an absolute long-running hit on Tiktok.

Just like “Astronaut In The Ocean”, Popp Hunna's (21 )’s “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” also deserves its place in the popularity ranking that already picked up speed on the platform at the end of 2020. Thanks in part to several dance videos by Tiktok superstars Charli D'Amelio (17) and Addison Rae (21), who each generated around ten million likes.

«IwaGC “>« SugarCrash! » – ElyOtto

Fourth place in this year's Tiktok song ranking goes to «SugarCrash!» by ElyOtto. The 17-year-old Canadian, whose real name is Elliott Ferrous-Martin Platt, landed an absolute hit with the song: After “SugarCrash!” Going viral in early 2021, it was signed to the renowned record label RCA Records.

«Stay» – The Kid Laroi & amp; Justin Bieber

With their collaboration “Stay”, The Kid Laroi (18) and Justin Bieber (27) have been on Tiktok's for-you page and in the charts for months. The song was released in July – and “Stay” is still number 2 among the global Spotify top songs. It is almost surprising that it is «only» enough for fifth place on the list of the most successful music on Tiktok.

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