Recently, Novak Djokovic showed the lack of understanding prominent vaccination skeptics encounter among fans. The tennis star is not the only one who gives his opinion anyway.

Comedian Marco Rima ( 60) stated in a video at the end of 2021 that he can understand when people get vaccinated against Corona so that they can get the Covid certificate. Personally, however, he sticks to the fact that he does not want to be vaccinated.

 These celebrities have also spoken out against a Covid vaccination

Pop singer Michael Wendler (49), seen here with his wife Laura Müller (21), repeatedly expressed himself critical of the measures of the German government and widespread conspiracy theories about the virus and the vaccines.

These celebrities also have each other pronounced against a Covid vaccination

top model Doutzen Kroes (36) announced last September via Instagram that she would not be vaccinated. “I will not be forced to have to prove my health so that I can participate in society,” wrote the Dutch woman.

That's what

  • Many celebrities speak publicly for the Corona Vaccination off. Others do not express their opinion at all, while still others raise their voices critically against it.

  • Whether in sport or in show business: Last year, many stars, most recently Novak Djokovic (34), caused a sensation.

  • We summarize the arguments used by celebrities speak out against the vaccination.

Many celebrities shy away from social issues that spark public discussion. If the opinions are deeply divided, a statement quickly means outraged fans who disagree and let their role model be felt. This was recently shown by Novak Djokovic (34), who has not had himself vaccinated against Corona and is therefore not allowed to enter Australia.

Fans who do not share Djokovic's views are indignant and disappointed by the tennis star, while vaccination skeptics are happy about his openness. But Djokovic is not the only unvaccinated or vaccination-critical celebrity who caused an uproar with his statements in the course of the corona pandemic. In the photo series above, there are other familiar faces from different areas who publicly share their criticism and skepticism.

Vaccination prevents deaths

According to the Robert Koch Institute, vaccination prevents infections with a fatal outcome in people under 60 years of age by 99 percent. 90 percent of the elderly. According to the WHO, there is also no evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are more dangerous than all other vaccinations. The Covid-19 vaccines have shown “consistently positive benefits in preventing deaths and reducing hospital stays”. (jcg)

Many community questions about vaccination have been answered HERE .

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