After the parades were canceled in 2021, the carnival organizations are hoping for approval this year. A round table between the city, canton and carnival people should now finally provide clarity. Is the carnival still taking place? And how?

This is what it normally looks like at the carnival when the Guuggen and carnival people at the processions through the streets of Lucerne.

These are the plans for how the carnival should take place after all

It is still unclear whether such pictures will also be available this year. The carnival organizations, the city and the canton will therefore meet on Tuesday for a round table.

Guuggerbühnen should take place with 3G

“The carnival will take place,” says Robert Marty, President of the United, but immediately adds: “It remains to be seen whether the parades will also take place.” “The United” are the largest carnival association in Central Switzerland and include around 80 different groups. They organize the traditional Monstercorso at the Güdiszischtig as well as the Chendermonster in the afternoon and the Guugger stages, which are spread across the city. Postponing the carnival to the summer is not an option for “Die Vereinigte”.

If the carnival were not approved in the traditional framework, the two parades would probably have to be canceled, says Marty. “For the Guuggerbühnen, however, we are currently examining various locations where the concerts could also be carried out using the 3-G principle.” For “Die Vereinigte” the decision on the implementation does not necessarily have to be made on Tuesday. “We need about a week to start up the monster parade. The Chendermonster would probably have to be canceled then.»

Government dampens hopes

The Lucerne government council already had to make a statement during the process of the round table on carnival. In a postulate, the SVP cantonal councilor Jasmin Ursprung demanded that the government council must show ways in which the carnival can be carried out. She also referred to the Lucerne Light Festival, which attracted over 110,000 visitors.

Health and social director Guido Graf reduced the hope of relocation in the debate. The Lucerne government is not planning to tighten the measures. For an organized event with more than 300 people, however, the 3G obligation applies. Events such as the day watch or the parades are therefore not possible without barriers. However, this is not a definitive rejection for the carnival. Because there's almost a month left until Dirty Thursday. That's why Guido Graf says: “Both are possible. There may be tightening up until then – but relaxation is also possible.»

Exception rule does not apply to major urban events

The latest federal ordinance states that the canton can grant exceptions to the holding of events in the field of sport and now also in the field of culture if they take place outdoors and neither access controls nor barriers are possible there. Peti Federer, media spokesman for the Lucerne Carnival Committee LFK, said at the time to the news portal “Pilatus Today“: “We're a bit over the moon.”

The anticipation that the carnival people in sprayed by the past few days, but now received a sudden damper. Security director Paul Winiker specified the rule on Tuesday to the “Luzerner Zeitung”: “The investigations have shown that the federal exception clause is not intended for such major urban events.” What is certain, however, is that the street carnival can take place. The pub carnival is also possible in compliance with the 2G rule.

The LFK did not want to comment in front of the round table when asked. Even “Die Vereinigte” did not want to comment on Guido Graf's statements before the meeting.

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