Fewer new cars were registered in 2021 than before Corona. In return, the number of e-cars has increased fivefold. Tesla's are among the most popular models.

The number of newly registered electric cars has increased fivefold in two years. These are the ten most popular models in 2021.

These are the most popular electric cars

Place 10: Hyundai Kona with 925 vehicles that were newly registered in 2021.

These-are-the-most-popular-electric cars

9th place: Volvo XC40 , of which 943 new models were registered last year.

That's what it's all about

  • Corona has slowed the car market: 74,000 fewer cars were registered in 2021 than in 2019.

  • On the other hand, 25 percent of new registrations are electric cars.

  • Of these, the Tesla Model 3 is the most popular electric car in Switzerland.

Around 238,000 passenger cars were newly registered in 2021. That is about 74,000 cars less than before Corona, as the Association of Independent Auto Trade Switzerland VFAS writes in a media release. Because the pandemic has resulted in delivery bottlenecks.

The reason for this is the global shortage of chips. As a result, many vehicles could not be built. “In addition, the CO2 double taxation of young second-hand vehicles makes parallel and direct imports more difficult,” explains Stephan Jäggi, Managing Director of VFAS. VW, for example, has to pay CO2 taxes for its vehicles in the EU.

Anyone who imports a VW into Switzerland pays an environmental tax again. However, all vehicles that VW delivers directly to Switzerland as general imports are only taxed once. According to VFAS, this has meant that parallel and direct imports have plummeted by 62 percent since 2017. “This double taxation has to be lifted so that more cars can be imported again”, says Jäggi.

The share of electric cars has increased fivefold

Although the number of new registrations has fallen, there are more electric cars among them. The proportion of electric vehicles has increased fivefold from five to 25 percent within two years. The Tesla Model 3 is by far the most popular electric car in this country.

In total, almost 5,000 such cars were imported in 2021. “Tesla has already made a name for itself as a brand for electric vehicles – the products are therefore in demand,” explains Jäggi. In addition, the US automaker is building its own network of charging stations, which makes the cars attractive.

VW could catch up with Tesla

In second place is VW ID 3. VW could overtake Tesla this year. Because although VW has only been selling e-cars on the market for a little over a year, the models are in demand. The VW ID 4 will make it to eighth place among the best-selling electric cars in 2021.

“VW is generally a very popular car brand in Switzerland,” says Jäggi. Because the German automaker has a good reputation. In addition, many dealers sell the brand, and the geographical proximity is interesting for Swiss customers (see box below).

You can find out which electric car models are among the top 10 in Switzerland in the picture gallery above.

The most popular car brands in 2021 (excluding e-cars):

  1. VW with 25,255 new registrations in 2021

  2. Mercedes-Benz with 21,094 new registrations

  3. BMW with 20,527 new registrations

  4. Skoda with 18 '442 new registrations

  5. Audi with 16,711 new registrations

  6. Toyota with 10,489 new registrations

  7. Seat with 9291 new registrations

  8. Renault with 8567 new registrations

  9. Ford with 8182 new registrations

  10. Hyundai with 8077 new registrations

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