Quran is 24, Cheryl is 61. They have celebrated their love on Tiktok and Instagram for a long time. Now the wedding bells have also rung.

Quran (24) and Cheryl (61) from Georgia in the USA are a couple. They recently got married.

 There are 37 years between these two lovers

The two have known each other for a long time. It sparked between them last year.

Even if others don't want to believe it: There should be no financial reasons behind the relationship.

That's what

  • Quran and Cheryl from the USA are an unequal one Couple: She is 61, he is 24.

  • They celebrate their love on social media.

  • The young husband throws down allegations that he is only interested in his older partner's money.

She already has grandchildren, and in many places he isn't even allowed to rent a car – and yet Quran (24) and Cheryl (61) are a couple. They express their love on social media. They met for the first time in 2012 – when Quran was just 15. At the time, he was working in the fast-food restaurant that her son managed. But it wasn't until last year that things really sparked between the two of them. They have been married for about a week. The two live in the US state Georgia. Cheryl has a total of seven children, one of whom is younger than her husband.

Spouse raves about hours of sex

On Tiktok, Cheryl and Quran share videos from their everyday lives. As usual on the platform, there are many dance routines. The two of them have recently also been on the OnlyFans portal, which became famous primarily as a platform for erotic content. In addition to the love for each other, another circumstance made them want to communicate: Cheryl was bullied because of the relationship. The two affirm that their love did not come about for financial reasons. “I've never loved someone like you” quoted the US publication “Daily Star” Quran. “She is beautiful, elegant, strong, honest and compassionate”.

Their families would have started their relationship unequally. While Cheryl's relatives do not want to know anything about the Quran, his grandmother in particular should enjoy it very much. “My grandmother is six years older than Cheryl and it gives her hope that she too will find love again.” Sexually, the two are completely satisfied. Cheryl explains that sex is “wonderful”. Her husband goes one better: The lovemaking is said to have lasted a full two hours on their wedding night.

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