Instead of provocative content, the Wendlers only post ordinary clips from their everyday lives on Onlyfans. Ex-Bachelor candidate Bellydah reveals what she thinks of the rip-off.

The Wendlers are now officially on Onlyfans. Stars and private individuals can post paid photos and videos on the platform – mainly with erotic or pornographic content.

 & laquo; The Wendlers only make quick money with the Onlyfans scam & raquo;

The Wendlers' teaser picture: Laura's bottom in bikini bottoms.

 & laquo; The Wendlers only make quick money with the Onlyfans scam & raquo;

The 21-year-old has already announced on Instagram what she and Wendler will be offering first on the platform: the “Laura Müller Advent Calendar”. If you want to see the exclusive content, you have to pay $ 35 a month. Is it worth it?

That's what

  • Michael Wendler (49) and his wife Laura Müller (21) have recently been active on the erotic platform Onlyfans.

  • < p> For the CHF 32 fee, however, fans don't get to see sexy content, just glimpses into their private lives.

  • Compared to 20 minutes, “Reality Shore” candidate Bellydah (30), who is active on the platform herself, reveals what's behind the wrong scam and how easy it is to make money with only fans.

Laura Müller (21) and her Michael Wendler (49) have recently been represented on the Onlyfans platform. There fans can pay for exclusive, mostly erotic content from their stars. In keeping with the Christmas season, the Wendlers are offering an advent calendar on the platform – the contents of the door can only be seen by fans for money. But anyone who hoped for high-quality, unique or even sexy content for the approximately 32 francs fee has now experienced a rude awakening.

There was only a video behind the first door in which Wendler gave his Laura a new car. All fans get to see is how Laura unpacks the car keys and struts to her XXL present. A look inside the car is also allowed – then the video ends.

“It's not cool to advertise with sex if you don't keep it”

The Wendler's teaser picture, however, suggests completely different content: on the header is Laura's almost bare bottom, which is already for that «Playboy» magazine has posed to see. Is this all just a show to attract buyers or are false promises even common on the platform?

«Onlyfans was originally known for its sexual content. Meanwhile, the platform is so popular that there are many people who only allow intimate glimpses into their private life, ”says“ Reality Shore ”candidate Bellydah (30), who is also active on Onlyfans. Regarding the Wendlers' scam, she says: “I don't think it's bad if you also offer other things – but it's uncool to advertise with sex and then not adhere to it.” She also says: “You should make it clear in advance what content you are selling.”

Not a smart move by the Wendlers

Bellydah cannot say exactly how often false promises are made on the platform. But: “I think there are dishonest people everywhere – also in this business.” Deceptive scams would not pay off in the long term, however. “The Wendlers can only make quick money with it. They would have had more from monthly income. »

After all, there would be enough opportunities to generate regular sales on the platform:« You can earn money there in every imaginable way, »says Bellydah. She cites voice messages, penis ratings, foot pictures and the sale of worn thongs and socks as examples. She herself also received offers that took some getting used to: “Once someone even wanted to order my spit.”

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