Because of the spread of the Omikron variant, the World Economic Forum canceled its meeting in Davos in January. It is now clear how things will proceed.

“It's not going back and forth, it's an adaptation to developments”: WEF founder Klaus Schwab. (Archive image)

 & laquo; The WEF will take place in Davos in early summer & raquo;

«The WEF will take place in Davos», says Schwab.

 & laquo; The WEF will take place in Davos in early summer & raquo;

The WEF was only postponed this year and finally canceled entirely.

That's what

  • The World Economic Forum should have taken place in Davos in January.

  • The WEF was postponed due to the Omikron variant of the coronavirus.

  • It should now also take place in Davos in early summer.

The WEF, which has been postponed due to the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, will take place in Davos in early summer. The WEF founder Klaus Schwab confirmed this in an interview with “Blick”. When asked whether the WEF will be relocated to Singapore, he said: “It will take place in Davos.”

The annual conference of the World Economic Forum in Davos, planned for January 17-21, 2022, was postponed a few days ago. Despite the meeting's strict health protocols, the portability of Omikron and its impact on travel and mobility have made a postponement necessary, it said on Monday.

With a few exceptions, the foundation has held its annual meeting in Davos for decades. Thousands of entrepreneurs, politicians and politicians meet there to exchange ideas on pressing issues in business and society. It is always made up of top-class heads of government and company executives from all over the world.

«Unpredictable situation»

This year, too, the meeting was postponed and finally canceled entirely. It was supposed to take place in Singapore first in May, then in August. But the plans were also ruined by the pandemic. The newspaper wanted to know from Schwab whether the back and forth wasn't a bit embarrassing. “It's not a back and forth, but an adjustment to the respective development, whereby we have always hoped for the best.”

“The rapid spread of Omikron creates a new, unpredictable situation,” Schwab said in “Blick”. «We are responsible for the health of everyone involved. We can't take any chances. ” The infection rate in Switzerland is currently one of the highest in the world, “which has not exactly created trust”. «Many countries like the USA strongly advise against traveling to Switzerland.»

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 & laquo; The WEF will take place in Davos in early summer & raquo;

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