A traveler from South Africa brought the new Corona variant B.1.1.529 to Hong Kong. Another man was infected in the same quarantine hotel. Both of them have an unusually high viral load.

A man tested positive in Hong Kong on November 18 during his fourth PCR test.

In Hong Kong Omicron infected people, the viral load is & laquo; insanely high & raquo;

The man had come from South Africa, where the new Omicron variant first appeared.

at Hongkonger-omikron- Infected is the viral load & laquo; insanely high & raquo;

In Hong Kong, the person concerned infected a 60-year-old in a quarantine hotel.

That's what

  • A man carried the Omikron variant from South Africa to Hong Kong.

  • Despite strict isolation, he is said to have infected another man there.

  • Epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding fears that the variant could escape vaccination protection.

The two confirmed Omikron infected people in Hong Kong apparently have a very rapidly increasing viral load. The PCR tests of the two men, who were negative a few days earlier, had a Ct value of 18 and 19. “That is incredibly high, especially when you consider that the two were still negative in the last PCR tests” writes the epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding, who did research at Harvard University for a long time. It looks as if the variant could actually escape vaccination protection, Feigl-Ding continued.

According to the Hong Kong government, the omicron variant of the corona virus was introduced by a traveler from South Africa who has since been arrived at a quarantine hotel on November 11th. He then tested positive on November 13th.

Suspected contagion despite strict isolation

It is assumed that the man infected a 60-year-old in the opposite room of the quarantine hotel despite strict isolation. This tested positive on November 18th during its fourth PCR test. In both cases, later genome sequencing made it clear that they had been infected with the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

According to a statement by the Hong Kong government, the person entering from South Africa may not have worn an adequate face mask when he was opened his hotel door when taking food orders. This may be the reason for the infection despite quarantine isolation.

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