A rustling in the forest, the pattering of rain on a roof or just white rustling – many people rely on the support of sounds from YouTube videos when falling asleep.

Many sleepless people fall asleep on YouTube videos.

& laquo; The video has mine Life changes & ndash; this is how YouTube helps you fall asleep

There are countless videos on the subject of” white noise “.

& laquo; The video changed my life & raquo; - this is how YouTube helps you fall asleep

Such noises can actually make the process of falling asleep easier.

That's what

  • Falling asleep can sometimes be a tedious and annoying process.

  • Many people rely on YouTube videos to calm them down.

  • These play noise, natural tones or other soothing sounds.

  • However, you should make sure not to be distracted by the smartphone.

Everyone has probably tossed around in bed for hours without being able to fall asleep. Once this happens, the consequences of lack of sleep are not yet serious. But if you roll around sleepless in the pillow, you know how difficult such long nights are and how serious the effects of lack of sleep can be in the long run. Sleep disorders are becoming more and more common, especially among adolescents. A study by the “Deutsches Ärzteblatt” reported last year that around one in eight young people between the ages of twelve and 17 suffers from lack of sleep. The health insurance company DAK also agrees. According to this, almost a third of all students suffer from sleep disorders.

The reason for the difficulty falling asleep is usually easy to identify. Both studies describe that using smartphones before going to sleep in particular leads to certain people lying awake for hours and not being able to rest. Because anyone who scrolls through social media or news pages in bed becomes stressed and consequently does not fall asleep for a longer period of time. For some sufferers, however, it is precisely the smartphone that ultimately provides a remedy and helps to fall asleep.

White noise

Specifically, it is about so-called relaxation videos on YouTube. These have been collecting several million clicks for some time and are extremely popular with people with sleep problems. They have a simple structure: The videos often play simple sounds such as white noise, nature noises or the crackling of a fireplace for hours. Rain showers and the sound of the sea are also extremely popular.

“This video has changed my life, I can finally fall asleep!” Reads a comment under one of the videos. Another user writes: “The sounds remind me of long drives, sleeping in the back seat in the middle of the night while someone else is driving. Street lamps that sweep over you and illuminate your eyelids. »

Beware of distraction

Such sounds should actually contribute to calming the nervous system and even help with learning, as Spiegel.de describes. They are also said to be useful for calming babies. However, such videos do not help magically, says Hans-Günter Weess, psychological psychotherapist and head of the sleep center at the Palatinate Clinic in Klingenmünster. Some people believed that such videos inject certain sound waves into the brain that make it sleepy. But that is not the case. Rather, such sounds stimulate calmness and evoke associations with relaxing memories or thoughts.

However, the psychologist advises that it is best to download such videos and sounds directly onto your smartphone. So you can put the device into flight mode and ensure that you are not disturbed by unwanted notifications or messages before falling asleep.

Those who use YouTube videos like this in an emergency can also benefit from a feeling of togetherness. For example, a user writes in the comment column of a video: “If you think about it, we all sleep together – like at an overnight party.” The feeling that you are not alone with your insomnia can help to calm down.


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