The value of information

Many of you are writing to us and writing to our colleagues to express your great attachment to the Sun, stressing the importance of the local and regional information that we offer you daily.
At this time when the future of the six dailies of Groupe Capitales Médias is not yet clearly defined, your testimonials inspire us and give us energy, know it well!

Many asked us to suggest that readers be given a way to read only through the Internet or our mobile applications to support our production of information as well. Indeed, a large group of our readers have abandoned the paper version for a while to follow the news on our digital platforms. They are aware that once they supported the Sun by the cost of their subscription, but today they have access to all our production for free.

For you who value the production of information about your living environment is of great value and that research, production, formatting and dissemination of these also involve a significant cost, we offer you today to become on a voluntary basis “Member” or “Ambassador” of the daily newspaper Le Soleil.

Since Wednesday 5 pm, the six dailies of Groupe Capitales Médias offer their readers a real contribution to the support of our newsrooms. And the response to this invitation was as warm as it was instantaneous. In 24 hours, our newspapers recruited 425 Members and Ambassadors.

Thank you for being here with us and for taking action to maintain a strong and quality local press.

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