Donald Trump has promised an alternative to Facebook without alleged censorship. “Truth Social” is already in a test phase and should be available in the app store in a few weeks.

< p>Donald Trump was blocked from various platforms after the storm on the Capitol. The ex-president reacted to this.

 & laquo; The truth will come & raquo; - Trumps app should start in February

” Truth Social “is the name of his app.

& laquo; The truth will come & ndash; Trump's app should start in February

There is a foretaste of what the platform could look like in the US app store.

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  • “Truth Social” is the name of the new social media platform from the media group Donald Trumps.

  • It addresses those people who want to turn away from established platforms .

  • Trump promises unrestricted freedom of expression.

The media group of the former US President Donald Trump wants to launch its long-promised Internet platform in February. A “Truth Social” app is expected to be available on February 21, according to the Apple App Store. It should have functions similar to those of Facebook's programs. Trump announced the establishment of his own online network after he was banned from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube after the storming of the US Capitol last year.

Trump had announced that the new platform would be an alternative to the established internet companies that he believes are biased against him and other conservative voices. According to the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the social network is currently being used by invited guests as it prepares for its public launch. TMTG initially did not respond to an AFP request.

TMTG had partnered with the stock market vehicle Digital World Acquisition Corp to raise $ 293 million (270 million Swiss francs) on the US stock exchange in September. At the beginning of December, the two groups announced that they had received a further funding commitment in the amount of one billion dollars.

“Truth Social” is supposed to compete with other platforms for people who are allegedly restricted by freedom of expression Turn away from the established platforms. Gettr, which was launched at the beginning of July by Trump's former advisor Jason Miller, as well as Parler and Gab have already positioned themselves on the market.

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 & laquo; The truth will come & raquo; - in February, Trump's app start

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