Many companies, including in Switzerland, are becoming more and more active on social media platforms. With creative content, especially supermarkets on Tiktok are now at the forefront. Users are enthusiastic about the entertaining videos.

In addition to creative examples from Aldi and Edeka from Germany, Swiss retailers, such as Migros, are also using social media more and more frequently.

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  • More and more Swiss companies are turning to social media Find.

  • Migros, Aldi and Coop are now actively producing their content on Tiktok as well.

  • Due to the informal content, followers do not have the feeling that they are seeing advertising.

The hype about Tiktok is here. In addition to many users of the app, there are now various companies that are involved in creative content creation, such as grocery stores such as Aldi, Coop and Migros.

The interest of companies in social media is growing steadily, because they recognize the potential and are always trying to find new strategies to entertain their community digitally. In order to reach the young target group and to interact with them, the employees of the various supermarket chains also post interesting videos on Tiktok.

Aldi Süd goes viral in Germany

In Germany, Aldi Süd is celebrating Advent on Tiktok. 24 influencers take part in “Aldiventskalender”. From December 1 to December 24, influencers have been posting their Tiktok videos on a daily basis. Every influencer can voluntarily decide what to post on Tiktok.

“Deliberately giving the creator creative freedom is the most important success factor of good communication on Tiktok,” says Christoph Hauser, Director Customer Interaction at Aldi Süd. The number of followers on the Aldi Tiktok page is increasing every day. In addition, Aldi has also posted videos on Tiktok in collaboration with influencers Tim Schäcker and Bene Schulz from the Elevator Boys. The Aldi commercial with the boys creates a lot of enthusiasm, especially among women.

There are also Swiss examples

Companies like Migros and Coop recognize that with Tiktok they can present their products to a global audience by posting funny, informative and emotional short videos. The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts showed in a study that Swiss companies that have a Tiktok site and regularly produce content are still manageable. This changed a little during the Covid19 pandemic.


The Migros Tiktok page already has 38.7 thousand followers. Various shopping day videos are posted on the site. Funny shopping scenes are shown, such as what happens when you go shopping with your mother, when you balance too many products in your arms without taking a basket, or the feeling when you finally haven't forgotten your shopping bags at home . Migros reaches an average of half a million users with its entertaining videos. Migros also placed a video in collaboration with the comedian and influencer Zeki. The video introduces Zekis Sucuk, a product cooperation between Migros and the well-known Swiss influencer.


Coop also participates in Tiktok. With the videos on the Tiktok account, Coop regularly achieves an average of half a million views. Everyday situations while shopping are staged in a funny way on this account. Employees also create a wide variety of videos by imitating new Tiktok trends in Coop supermarkets. Due to the informal and organic content, the followers do not have the feeling that they are being shown advertising.

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 The Tiktok community celebrates Aldi, Coop and Migros

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