Minus two degrees should prevail during the game of the Swiss women's national team in Vilnius, Lithuania. However, coaches Nils Nielsen and Coumba Sow have a plan for how to deal with it. Even if Sow admits: “I'm a Gfrörli.”

After the victory over Italy, Coumba Sow was very happy.

That's what it's all about

  • Early on Tuesday evening, the Swiss women's national team will meet Lithuania away from home.

  • At the weekend she was still in the warm Palermo, now a game in the freezing cold is coming up.

  • Coach Nils has worries about that But not Nielsen.

Almost 20 degrees in Palermo. Sicily, blue sky, sunshine. A couple of Swiss national team players swim in the sea and enjoy the weather. Sounds nice? It is or was it. Because now the Swiss women experienced a weather shock. And what a one. On Sunday the team and staff flew to Vilnius in the bitter cold. Temperatures in the capital of Lithuania are just below zero. A real weather shock for the Swiss national team.

Coach Nils Nielsen admits that too. One day before the sixth game in the World Cup qualifying, he laughs and says: “It's cold here, it has snowed. That was not the case in Italy. ” They are still ready for the game. “In Lithuania we play on artificial turf, which means that the cold doesn't have such a big impact. We may have to do the warm-up differently. But don't worry, we're prepared for the cold, ”says Nielsen. That is certainly a good thing. Because: The weather doesn't look any better for the game. For the game on Tuesday evening at 5.30 p.m., minus two degrees are expected, as well as possible snowfall.

Nielsen wants victory – nothing else

Is everything okay then? Not quite. Nati player Coumba Sow does not enjoy the cold. She admits: “I'm a Gfrörli.” But she has a trick to survive the freezing temperatures. Sow reveals: “I just put on a lot of layers, then I'm not cold.” Then she says soberly: “But that's just the weather.” You can't influence that. “I focus on the game we want to win.”

The Swiss women's national team is the favorite against Lithuania. In September she won clearly 4-1. And the fact is: things are going well with the Swiss women. The national team has 15 points after five games. She scored 19 goals in five games and received two. Italy follows with three points behind. The Italians scored 17 goals in five games and conceded two. Against who? Exactly – Switzerland. Last Friday, the national team won 2-1 after goals from Coumba Sow and Ana Maria Crnogorcevic. Nielsen says in clear words: “If we don't win against Lithuania, all the effort in the year would be useless.”

Coumba Sow doesn't like the cold that much.

«We celebrated with a glass of Prosecco»

On the subject of Italy: After the win in Palermo, a beaming sow on SRF said: «Now there is one fat pizza from Italy of course. And maybe a beer too. ” How did that taste? When asked about it, Sow says: “Pizza wasn't available until the next day, it was wonderful. There was no beer. I would have liked to have a beer, but I said that out of emotion. We celebrated with a glass of Prosecco. ”

There will certainly not be any post-game pizza in Vilnius. But maybe zeppelinas. According to various travel guides, the potato dumplings, which are filled with minced meat, bacon, ham, mushrooms or quark, are the favorite dishes of the Lithuanians.

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