The Swiss floorball women win the third and final group game at the World Cup in Sweden against Poland 6-2. Despite a resinous start, the Swiss women were able to pull away in the end.

Michelle Wiki scores three goals for the Swiss women.

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  • The Swiss women win the third and final group game at the World Cup in Uppsala.

  • They beat the Poles 6-2.

  • On Friday, the Swiss meet Slovakia or the USA.

Just one day after the Kanter win against Latvia, the Swiss national team also won their third World Cup game against Poland 6-2. Thanks to the victory, the women are now in the quarter-finals.

Corina Rüttimann put her team in the front after just two minutes, but only 18 seconds later Malwina Zegorska took advantage of a mistake in the Swiss defense to equalize. After several dangerous deals from the Polish women, Nathali Spichiger met to lead the Swiss women again and Michelle Wiki then expanded them with her hit.

Michelle Wiki scores three goals.

Michelle Wiki scores three times

But then the Swiss women were lucky. In front of 300 spectators in the IFU Arena, the Polish women hit the edge of the goal three times. So the Swiss could be happy to go into the first break with the 3-1 lead. And the two-goal lead didn't last long. Zagorska used a nicely played counterattack to catch up. It was only shortly before the break that it was Wiki again who restored the two-goal lead on a pass from Chiara Gredig.

At the beginning of the last third, Zuzanna Krzywak had to go to the penalty bench and so the Swiss women were able to play in the majority for the first time. In the power play, Wiki exploited a rebound and already scored her third goal in this game. Marti scored the last goal for the Swiss women with a wonderful shot. This was the end result and immediately meant the quarter-finals.

On Friday at 7 p.m., the Swiss team will face either Slovakia or the USA, who will play for the quarter-finals on Wednesday. And then? Well, then it will be difficult for the Swiss women. Record world champions Sweden (nine gold medals, most recently seven in a row) are very likely to be waiting in the semifinals. A monster task. Because: Sweden finished the group stage flawlessly: three wins and 51: 6 goals.

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