The success of a story-teller extraordinaire

Le succès d’un raconteur hors pair

Three-Rivers — After two consecutive nights of sold out, P.-A. Méthot returns Saturday with not one, but two additional performances of her new show Do the beautiful: a to 15 h (!?!) and another of 20 h. If this is not unheard of, it is a very exceptional situation which demonstrates very clearly the odds of love for the comedian at the present time.

It has sold 317 000 tickets for his first solo show and presented 495 performances. It seems to go for the equivalent with the tour started a month ago just.

Difficult to target what is the secret of success. What is certain, is that his audience recognizes itself in him. Méthot presents himself as a guy well an ordinary person who tells anecdotes well concrete on the tone of a conversation between friends around the island of the kitchen on a Friday night. One does not feel the shadow of a beginning of pretension in him. It does not distinguish the recipe no longer, neither in its text nor in its approach, very casual.

It even shows up on stage under lights relatively sophisticated, in short, are useless. During the 100 minutes that he spends on stage microphone in hand, there is virtually no effect of staging to support a gag or a fall. Just, P.-A. Méthot who tells anecdotes with a personality that I don’t really know much equivalent among humorists the most well-known. A few have adopted effectively the tone of anger but few of them have this attitude of the guy not that bad, but not necessarily convenient, either.

This is assuredly not the show the funniest that I’ve seen but the Gaspesian origin is just a story-teller. Better, more effective, to me has seemed, in the stories that concern him / her personally, in the event the concrete, which seem to be excerpts of his life. This is where its rendering of tongue-in-cheek is most effective. The number that relates to the operation that he had undergone for the removal of what appeared to be a third testicle inoperative is the best of his show. It is part of the fantasy of nurse sluts that one finds in old porn movies to compare to the reality of our clinics today. The description of the nurse is very funny. And what to say to that, semi-fantasized, of the operation itself. It is browned.

It is even surprising that this number occurs in the middle of the night, so that the final number of the show is very disappointing. His imitations of singers come a little bit out of nowhere and leave us really on our hunger to get out of the room.

What is P.-A. Méthot in her stories? Things relatively mundane. He starts telling me how he lived through the operation, another, during which he was asked a “pacemaker”, which explains its weight loss of 71 pounds. He is talking about the tv shows that it is typed during her convalescence which My life 600 lbs. The number is good, enough to realize that it is when he is a little nasty and squeaky that he is the best because it is more colorful and really comfortable.

I have not seen his first show but it is said that the comedian is a little less vulgar in the second. He swears still pretty and it doesn’t cause me personally any problems. It fits very naturally in the way that he has to make his text and the more often it is funny. As long as it is funny, he may well be swearing and vulgar as he wants. I have a real problem when a comedian is vulgar, but that it is not funny. I have a problem when a comedian is not funny, in fact.

Overall, there is little of moral judgment in P.-A. Méthot. He speaks of weddings, visits to the zoo in the summer, or funeral homes that he hates all. It does not condemn it, but said why it falls on the nerves. All the content is primarily personal and you even ended up saying that his theme, which gives the show its title, is superfluous. There is no real guideline strong is required from one end to the other and this was clearly deranged person in this room Thompson full of Friday evening.

Despite his side a bit of a rebel, Méthot has a heart and he shows twice a gratitude to the people around him in the business, that few other comedians do it with such insistence. It distributes a program to the entrance of the room in which he appoints all the members of his team and at the end of the show, it takes two minutes to thank her band and the audience, without which he would not get his life doing what he loves most in the world: telling jokes. It does not lack class. However, it’s silly and hypocritical to judge the value of an individual solely on the level of language he adopts in the text that he recites on stage.

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