The sports offer is extended to DHS

L’offre sportive s’élargit au CSAD

Three-Rivers — In addition to the 300 teams of dekhockey who invade his land during the summer season, Complexe sportif Alphonse-Desjardins will vibrate also at the pace of beach volleyball from the summer of next year.

The management of the establishment will be in effect six lands between DHS and the Academy of the Booms. This space was used last summer by officials from the dekhockey who had built two more rooms were added to meet the demand which is constantly growing.

Following the closure of the beach volleyball courts Billiards 755 on the rue Vachon, the leaders of DHS had wanted to recover the ball in the optical to further diversify the sports offer of the establishment. The response was immediately positive with the players who were looking for a new place to practice their favorite sport.

“It was a beautiful structure in place that was sort of an orphan. We did a little poll to know the interest of people to come and play here and the response has been excellent, ” says the director general of DHS, David Labrecque. This space was used previously for a tennis court, but the surfaces were no longer functional. It has been used for the dekhockey and we will now adapt the space for beach volleyball, according to the standards of Volleyball Québec.”

As to the two surfaces of dekhockey that will be replaced by the volleyball courts, they should be relocated to keep the total to six for the summer season.

Infatuation immediate

Thus, even before it had officially launched the inscriptions, already 35 teams have expressed interest.

According to initial estimates, the team of DHS wants to first meet 48 training Monday and Thursday evening. This number could even jump up to 96 teams, to maximum capacity.

By adding the followers of dekhockey, baseball, hockey, soccer and tennis, DHS will receive nearly 1,000 people per night on its various sports facilities during the summer period. “We want to make it a real happening, a hub for sports recreation in the evening. It could create a nice synergy between all the sporting disciplines,” said Catherine Deschênes, operations coordinator of the DHS.

“In addition, this add-in framework exactly in the mission of our school,” says Labrecque.

The initial plan provides for the volleyball mixed 6 vs. 6 Monday to Wednesday and volleyball co-ed 4 on 4 Thursday. “A good part of people who have expressed interest come from the Pool 755, but it will of course be open to the entire community, who wants to play”, adds the ceo of DHS.

Online registrations will be started from 11 march. In the meantime, those interested in joining this new league of beach volleyball can contact Catherine Deschênes or Mathieu Roy at DHS at (819) 373-5121.

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