The smoking of the mother would increase the risk of ADHD of the child

La tabagisme de la mère augmenterait le risque de TDAH de l’enfant

MONTREAL – The mother’s exposure to nicotine could triple the risk of her child suffering from a disorder of attention deficit with/without hyperactivity (ADHD) later, to prevent Finnish researchers.

This is not the first time that a study shows a possible link between smoking of the mother and the ADHD in her child, but previous studies relied on usually to the mother autodéclarait on her smoking – a measure that is generally estimated that the actual rate of smoking, and even more so for pregnant women.

This time, the researchers of the University of Turku have measured the rate of cotinine in the blood of women who were in their second or in their third trimester of pregnancy. Cotinine is a biomarker that shows a mother’s exposure to nicotine, whether from his own smoking, second-hand smoke, or even stamps.

The higher the rate of cotinine was elevated in the blood of the mother, the greater was the risk that her child suffers from ADHD, later, found the scientists.

“It is a given that is known from the literature for some time, that exposure to cigarette smoking increases the risk for the child to present a ADHD,” said dr. Nancie Rouleau, a neuropsychologist from the University Laval, who is presently enjoying a sabbatical year to work at Harvard University. There are more chances that the child ends up with an ADHD if the mother consumes a lot of nicotine, this is less the case for the consumption of light. But we are talking about an association, not a causal link.”

In fact, one can simply, for the moment, found a link between smoking and ADHD, without being able to say that the first is the direct cause of the second. There is an association, without more.

Dr. Roller raises a number of hypotheses on this subject. In a first step, she says, we know that a mother who smokes the cigarette with increased risks of giving birth to a baby of low birth-weight or premature, which is “one of the greatest risks (ADHD) currently”.

In addition, we know that people who suffer from ADHD and who are not treated are more likely to be consumers of alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

“So I ask myself the question: is it that among those mothers who smoked cigarettes, we have mothers ADHD untreated? asked the doctor Roller. We would thus have here a second causal link, the genetic. Yes, the mother smokes, but she is mostly a carrier of genes that cause ADHD, and that here it has not been controlled.”

That being said, pregnant women have always and still interest to keep as far as possible of nicotine products, whether for ADHD or for any other reason.

“It seems to me a recommendation that made sense to the reading of the scientific literature currently. It is a factor harmful to be exposed to tobacco, even for a newborn baby,” said dr. Nancie Rouleau.

The conclusions of this study are published by the medical journal Pediatrics.

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