The second season of the hit series “Emily in Paris” recently started on Netflix. This time, too, the makers made use of numerous clichés. Model Anja Leuenberger comments on this.

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  • The successful Netflix series “Emily in Paris” is entering its second round – and is still full of clichés.

  • For example, the French are portrayed as lazy, rude and hopelessly romantic.

  • The Swiss model Anja Leuenberger (29), who has lived in Paris several times for a long time because of her job, now tells us to what extent the clichés are actually true.

Paris is known as the city of love: croissants, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower – the city is bursting with charm and gorgeous tourist attractions. At least that's how France's capital is portrayed in the successful American Netflix series “Emily in Paris”. But does this picture correspond to reality?

No, think many French people, for whom the series causes trouble. The Swiss model Anja Leuenberger (29) has already spent a lot of time in Paris because of her job, ran several times at the Paris fashion week and knows French culture very well. In an interview with 20 Minuten, she now reveals whether the clichés of the series actually apply.

Cliché: The French are lazy

In “Emily in Pariswig” the French are depicted as lazy strollers who don't come into the office until ten o'clock Take lunch breaks – if they eat anything at all. Most of the time they just smoke cigarettes.

Anja says: “I can't confirm that the French are lazy. Especially in the fashion business there is really no such thing as laziness. Everyone works hard there. ” The depiction nevertheless has a spark of truth: “I can definitely remember the cigarettes.”

Anja Leuenberger knows French culture very well.

& laquo; The series shows only the perfect corners of the city & raquo;

The 29-year-old travels around the world for professional reasons. In addition to cities like New York and Barcelona (pictured), the model also worked regularly in Paris.

& laquo; The series only shows the perfect corners of the city & raquo;

Anja Leuenberger originally comes from the canton of Aargau, where she was discovered by a model scout at the age of 14. The model worked for labels such as Dolce & amp; Gabbana, Armani Prive and Akris.

Cliché: Paris is clean and beautiful

The series shows the city at its best: there is no poverty, no homelessness and no construction sites. “Paris is really beautiful,” confirms Anja. Nevertheless, she is aware that reality looks darker than the representation: “In series, only the perfect corners of a city are shown and everything is perfectly prepared for the sets.”

On cleanliness, she says: «I remember Paris as being pretty clean, except for the subway! I always found them a bit dirty and old. But that's the Parisian charm. ”

Cliché: the French cannot speak foreign languages ​​

Several scenes in “Emily in Paris” make the French seem as if they do not speak any foreign languages. Anja sees it differently: “The French are very educated and many of them speak English well.” Nevertheless, the mother tongue is the preferred language: «They really appreciate it when you try to speak French.»

Stereotype: The French are rude

In the series, the residents of Paris are portrayed as rude on several occasions. For example, they don't offer any help, just provide brief answers or give the series starring role Emily no information. Anja says: “A person is always treated as he treats other people.” So is Emily herself to blame? In any case, the model thinks: “In my experience, the French are not rude. They're just very direct. »

Cliché: the French are hopeless romantics

If the American producers seem to know one thing about Paris the place is considered the city of love. Men are usually portrayed as good-looking, romantic sex gods who are not particularly fond of loyalty. The women in turn walk around in the series day and night in high heels, expensive designer clothes and with perfectly styled hair.

«Life in France is mainly croissants and sex», says the series. But is that true? Anja leaves this question open – and simply answers: «I was only ever in Paris to work.»

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