ORF presenter Roman Rafreider appeared visibly impaired in front of the camera during “ZIB-Flash”. The 52-year-old presented the TV news while a drama was taking place in his environment.

On Tuesday, the long-time ORF presenter Roman Rafreider caused a sensation. The 52-year-old appeared visibly impaired in the “ZIB-Flash”.

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  • On Tuesday, the long-time ORF presenter Roman Rafreider presented the program “ZIB-Flash”, visibly impaired.

  • There is supposed to be a dramatic reason behind his condition.

  • Before the broadcast, his team could no longer react to this Stop disaster.

Laughing and slurping, Roman Rafreider presented the “ZiB Nacht” on ORF 1 on Tuesday evening. From the first moment of the broadcast, the ORF star was visibly impaired and made it through the broadcast with great difficulty – once he had to hold on to the desk to not to tip over.

What caused ridicule and laughter on social media has a dramatic background. Rafreider is currently struggling with a severe stroke of fate – several people from the moderator's environment confirmed this to “Today”. Accordingly, Rafreider learned of tragic circumstances in his private environment immediately before the broadcast.

Contradicting reports in Austrian media

At the moment the reports in the Austrian media are contradicting: While the «Kronen-Zeitung» reports that, according to friends of the Anchorman, Rafreider's father was in intensive care that night and has since passed away, «Heute» writes that these reports could not be confirmed and according to their own sources are wrong.

From the ORF it was said to “Today” behind closed doors, Rafreider wanted to fight his way through, but looked too deeply into the glass. He gave everything to get through the show without incident – without success. His “ZiB Nacht” moderation became a sad internet hit practically immediately.

No time to pull the emergency brake before the ORF performance

«ORF regrets yesterday's incident. Roman Rafreider was immediately suspended. The case and legal consequences are being examined by the HR department today. Rafreider internally apologized for the incident yesterday evening and explained with personal reasons, ”said ORF on Wednesday in an official statement.

An ORF employee explained in a phone call with “Today” why no one pulled the emergency brake. Accordingly, Rafreider made himself scarce immediately before the broadcast, not letting anyone notice his condition. When he appeared in the studio, it was only minutes until the broadcast. A “ZiB Nacht”: “Our hearts were bleeding, but we had to go through with the show. We were hoping that somehow he would make it through the show without an accident. In vain. »

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