The Rouge et Or goes back and wins 41 to 10 on the Vert & Or

After a slow start to the match, the Rouge et Or of Laval University made a comeback at the end of the second quarter en route to a 41-10 victory over the Université de Sherbrooke’s Vert & Or Sunday afternoon. Telus Stadium.
“For the start of the match, I felt like it was going to be like that, because we have a lot of young players and there were a lot of errors of assignment on the defensive. But fortunately, we have corrected things and turned the corner, “commented the coach of the winners, Glen Constantin, after the game.

“It will be necessary to be disciplined, because flags all along the match, it is pleasant for nobody. I would say that the biggest enemy of Vert & Or today was the Vert & Or. We will now have to look in the mirror and make video “, for his part said his opposite Mathieu Lecompte, making reference to the 19 penalties of his team.

The visitors had started the game as a lion, largely dominating the first quarter during which they had the ball 90% of the time in addition to completing 11 first games against only one for Laval.

The Vert & Or crowned their first offensive push by a major at 6:44 of the first quarter when running back Sébastien Béland ran eight yards to finish behind the goal line.

The Sherbrookois, however, missed two great opportunities to earn points in the second quarter while the kicker Pierre-Antoine D’Astous missed not one, but two placements. Instead of six more points, the Sherbrooke team had to settle for two.

“We have a kicker we trust, a very good kicker, but we left points in the field,” said Lecompte about it.

First major of the premises

At the end of the second quarter, a long run of 29 yards from Christian Dallaire led the Rouge et Or to a goal and opened the way to the first major of the premises and a turnaround in a match dominated until then by the visitors.

Quarterback David Pelletier, who scored Samuel Chénard on this game, completed the thrust of his team by crossing the missing penis with the ball.

Chénard then pushed his forward by throwing a long 29-yard pass into the hands of Vincent Breton-Robert who ran into the end zone shortly before the half.

The Rouge et Or nearly added to their lead with less than a minute to play at the half when linebacker Alec Poirier intercepted a pass from quarterback Anthony Robichaud at the 21 Sherbrooke line.

The next game, Chénard tried a pass to Vincent Forbes-Mombleau, who was in the end zone, but it was Samuel Polan’s turn to intercept the pass to allow the Vert & Or to avoid finding themselves in deficit of 11 points.

The Vert & Or narrowed a bit to kick off the second half with another single on D’Astous’ 66-yard kickoff.

At 9:20 of the third quarter, a five-yard pass from Chénard to Félix Garand-Gauthier however allowed the Rouge et Or to score another touchdown and bring the score to 21 to 10 with the successful transformation of David Côté.

Two touchdowns from Joanik Masse, one on receiving a pass from Samuel Chénard and another by the race, came to put the game out of reach of the Vert & Or.

David Côté’s foot also added six more points to the scoreboard for the Rouge et Or with two successful placements with less than three minutes left in the game.

Broken ice

In his first match as a quarterback to his fifth season, Samuel Chénard was happy to finally break the ice, completing 12 of his 17 passes.

“When we took the pace, we did not look behind. I think all of our running backs have done a good job today, “he said of the 247-yard, 120-yard passing performance.

“We never panicked, we are a mature team so we knew we were still in the game and that would end up changing sides,” he added.

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