If you've always wanted to defend your home from burglars like Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, you might soon get the chance, thanks to Airbnb. The occasion is the publication of a new adaptation of the classic film.

Come in! For four fans of the film, a wish comes true: An evening in the legendary McCallister house from the film Kevin at home alone.

 The parents' house from & laquo; Kevin alone at home & raquo; lands on AirBnB

The night party is supposed to be organized by the eldest son Buzz, who always annoys Kevin in the films. The picture above shows Max, by the way. He takes on the role of the forgotten boy in the remake.

 The parents' house from & laquo; Kevin home alone & raquo; lands on AirBnB

The house is supposed to Be decorated for Christmas and there is also a tree in the living room.

That's what

  • The home of Kevin McCallister's family becomes an Airbnb.

  • For the premiere of the remake of the classic, guests can stay overnight in the house.

  • However, the offer is only valid on a special day and the number of guests is limited.

Just in time for the first Advent, “TMZ” reports that the McCallister house from the movie “Kevin Alone at Home” will soon be on Airbnb. Just like in the film, the house will be richly decorated and of course a Christmas tree will not be missing either. The extended family will be away again this year. Reason enough for the eldest son, Buzz McCallister, to throw a party. This is to celebrate the release of “Home Sweet Home Alone” on December 12th and four guests can be there. The one-time overnight stay should cost $ 25.

Traps for the bandits

Who are the McCallisters? One of the most famous film families of the 1990s. When they go on holiday for Christmas, they forget one of their children at home. Kevin. And so the eight-year-old is left alone in a huge house. “Kevin Alone at Home” was published in 1990 and has been on television repeatedly during Advent since then. The film fascinates parents, children and those who once saw the film and are now parents themselves.

With a little luck, fans can slip into the role of eight-year-old Kevins themselves – pizza and macaroni with cheese included as a gourmet dinner. The bandits who want to break into the house in the film and whom Kevin sets numerous traps will probably not come to visit. And if you do, as «TMZ» writes, you have the opportunity to set up and try out Kevin’s clever traps yourself.

It will be the first time the house opens its doors to fans. You can book the overnight stay from December 7th and the time will come on December 12th. The only downer: It should be a unique night and only four people should have the opportunity to experience the pre-Christmas madness.

Remake in December

The new edition of the classic will be on Disney + from December 12th. The boy in the film “Home Sweet Home Alone” is called Max, the bandits are no longer two men but a couple and the parents don't fly to Paris, but to Japan. Nevertheless, like Kevin, the ten-year-old has to defend his home by all means. Be it with a gun shooting bowling balls or the use of a trampoline.

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 The parents' house from & laquo; Kevin at home alone & raquo; ends up on AirBnB

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