Eleven new names have made it onto the list of the super-rich. Including the On founders, Bitcoin pioneer Niklas Nikolajsen and Roche CEO Severin Schwan.

These are the newcomers to the rich list

Severin Schwan/Fortune: 100 to 150 million francs. Roche profited from the crisis as a pharmaceutical player. Schwan also benefited from this: at the end of 2020, he held shares worth almost 100 million francs.

 The On-founders are now among the 300 richest in Switzerland

These are the newcomers to the rich list

Boris Collardi/assets: 100 to 150 million francs. In mid-August, the Geneva bank Pictet parted with Collardi. In his 3.5 years there, the banker is likely to have earned more than 100 million francs. Now he primarily wants to invest in companies outside of banking.

 The On-founders are now among the 300 richest in Switzerland

These are the newcomers on the rich list

Georges Kern/Assets: 150 to 200 million francs. Kern holds five percent of the Breitling watch brand. After the Corona slump, their sales soared by almost 40 percent to over 700 million francs. The company is said to be worth almost three billion. Kern would like to go public with Breitling in three to four years.

That's what

  • is aboutThe business magazine “Bilanz” has listed the 300 richest in the country.

  • Eleven new names have made it onto the list.

  • Including the On founders and the Roche CEO.

  • Also new is the pop star Robbie Williams, who moved to Switzerland.

In mid-September, the Swiss sneaker and clothing company On dared to go public. That has now catapulted the founders onto the list of the 300 richest in Switzerland. Only those who have at least 100 million francs in assets are included in the ranking of the business magazine “Bilanz”.

The sneaker company was valued at twelve billion dollars when it went public. Even if the value has decreased since then, the founders David Allemann, Oliver Bernhard, Caspar Coppetti, Martin Hoffmann and Marc Maurer together still weigh over two billion, as the “balance sheet” estimates.

New ones bring together 8.9 billion Swiss francs

In total, eleven new names have made it onto the list of mega-rich (see photo gallery above). Together they bring together assets of CHF 8.9 billion. The richest among the newcomers are the brothers Giammaria and Mario Germano Giuliani.

You own between three and 3.5 billion Swiss francs. Your pharmaceutical company produces the drug Amaro Giuliani for digestive complaints. Roche CEO Severin Schwan is also new to the list. Because Roche recorded double-digit growth figures during the Corona crisis.

The founder of the cryptocurrency service provider Bitcoin Suisse, Niklas Nikolajsen, made it onto the list of the super-rich with assets of around 300 to 350 million. He started his company in 2013 alone in his apartment. He is now the leading crypto service provider and employs 260 people.

This is how the wealth of the super-rich has changed:

33 years ago, “Bilanz” published the list of the richest in Switzerland for the first time. At that time, the 100 people recorded together owned CHF 66 billion. Today the two richest ones alone, the Kamprad brothers and the Hoffmann, Oeri and Dusmalé families, have 90 billion more assets than all 100 combined back then.

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