The members of the «Aufrecht Schweiz» association feel that they are no longer represented by the politicians. Now, for the first time, they are putting forward candidates for cantonal elections. The goal is to win seats in the National Council and Council of States in 2023. The birth of a new protest party?

Josef Ender is an actuary on the board of the” Upright Switzerland “association.

Newly founded association & laquo; Aufrecht Schweiz & raquo; now wants to join the parliaments

According to its own statements, the association consists of representatives of various civil rights organizations that have been formed since spring 2020.

newly founded association & laquo; Upright Switzerland & raquo; now wants to join the parliaments

Josef Ender is already known from the action alliance of the original cantons and the Committee on Dangerous Covid Aggravation No.


  • The new association “Aufrecht Schweiz” consists of representatives of various civil rights organizations that have been formed since spring 2020.

  • Because they do not feel represented by politicians, they now want to win seats in cantonal and national parliaments.

  • A political scientist says that the association should bring together lists that are as full as possible. But this is also a challenge for established parties.

  • Next Monday, «Aufrecht Schweiz» will provide information about its planned activities.

The new association “Aufrecht Schweiz”, based in Dübendorf, which was founded last October, now wants to get involved politically. The first representatives have already been found, even if they are few and far between: representatives are only available in Zug, Schwyz, Aargau, Zurich, Bern, St. Gallen and Thurgau. Board member and actuary Josef Ender explains this as follows: “We have only been active for around a month and are still in the process of building up.” Ender has made a name for himself with the public in the past few years of the pandemic. He was co-organizer of various Corona protest events and spokesman for the committee on the “Covid Law No” referendum.

Now “Aufrecht Schweiz”, “Debout-Suisse” and “AlzaTI-Svizzera” want to get involved in the government and parliamentary elections and win seats this year. According to Ender, the association wants to be active in the cantons wherever elections are on the program in 2022. So in Bern, Zug, Obwalden and Nidwalden, Glarus, Graubünden and Vaud. An association was deliberately founded and not a new party: “We emerged from civil rights parties and are open to members from all political directions,” Ender continued.

Four people are running for the district administrator in Nidwalden

In central Switzerland, elections in the canton of Nidwalden are on the program on March 13th. Urs Lang from Dallenwil announced his candidacy for the district administrator. He says that the list of candidates for “Upright Switzerland” was submitted on time on Monday. In addition to him, there is another man and woman to choose from. None of them have any political experience.

According to Lang, the current political situation in Switzerland was decisive for the candidacy. He says: “The basic constitutional rights are not being respected because of the current health policy.” Lang countered the argument that Swiss voters had already legitimized the Federal Council's measures twice at the ballot box: “Even after the vote, the basic rights are disregarded by the extended certificate requirement.” Although Lang is aware that it will not be easy to gain a foothold in politics, he is confident “because the population is dissatisfied with politics”.

Political scientist welcomes the association's legitimate and democratic path

Political scientist Mark Balsiger on the electoral chances for members of “Aufrecht Schweiz”: “The cantonal elections in Nidwalden are primarily a list election. So “Aufrecht” has to bring together lists that are as full as possible, which is also a challenge for established parties. A candidacy with a well-known person for the government council as a draft horse would also help the organization. ” Balsiger also welcomes the fact that “Aufrecht Schweiz” wants to get involved in a democratic way.

How things will continue with the political path for the club should become clearer next Monday. Ender announced to 20 Minuten that the media would be informed about the further plans on January 17th in Bern. If one believes the “constitutional friends” who comment on the Telegram channel of “Aufrecht Schweiz”, the goals should be clear: “The elections in the canton of Bern are the perfect opportunity to gain experience for the national elections and also for cantonal ones Level to gain influence. ” And further: “Switzerland needs new representatives.” Only one parliamentarian in the National Council and Council of States spoke out against the Covid law and against the measures to combat terrorism.

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