The mother of an assaulted murdered woman

Noémie Lavoie’s mother, this Laterroise murdered last year in Montreal and whose husband is accused of murder, deplores the fact that her daughter’s reputation is still tarnished, 11 months after her death. Kathy Guay was cursed and insulted over the holidays over charges her daughter had been subjected to in the past. But the information initially conveyed by a Montreal media was not entirely accurate and the bereaved mother insisted on rectifying the situation.
N oémie Lavoie was assassinated on February 26. She was 24 years old. Her partner, Ali Mahamat Mahadi, was arrested and charged with second degree murder. He is currently detained, but a trial date has yet to be set.

When the young woman died, published articles described her past which was not without history. It was said that Noémie Lavoie, accompanied by Ali Mahamat Mahadi and a third individual, had kidnapped and beat a young man, in addition to assaulting him sexually. But things hadn’t really happened that way. In fact, Noémie Lavoie was charged with being an accomplice after the facts regarding the events and was not present at the time of the sexual assault. According to what was learned, the young woman went to pick up her boyfriend from the apartment where the crime had been perpetrated and she took him to Saguenay, hence the chief of accomplice after the facts.

A Saguenean woman murdered in Montreal; her spouse arrested

The girl murdered in Montreal had to return to the Saguenay

The Daily has also checked the young woman’s duster and we learn that in fact, Noémie Lavoie was the subject of only one charge, that of complicity after the facts. She also served a 105-day preventive sentence and the judge granted a suspended sentence, meaning that she did not have to serve a sentence, accompanied by three years probation. . The trial took place in 2016.

Kathy Guay is aware that Noémie “was brewing quite a bit”. But the mother, who is trying to mourn her daughter, refuses to allow false information to be passed on to her. Moreover, Noémie Lavoie’s involvement in this sordid story of aggression has been republished recently, which has clouded the daily life of the bereaved mother, several months after the tragedy. She was in fact insulted a few times, notably in a business, when a woman told her that her daughter “was not her friend, since she respected herself too much for that”. Another person told the mother that what had happened to her daughter was “a good thing.”

“I can no longer bear the memory and reputation of Noémie so tarnished. It is really difficult for us. We have to grieve for Noémie and now we are being insulted for a story in which Noémie did not participate. People have easy judgment and they can be mean. I understand that my daughter has a past that has not always been rosy, but that is not a reason for being insulted in this way. It’s really destructive for parents, ”said Kathy Guay, in an interview with The Daily.

Ali Mahamat Mahadi was charged with the unpremeditated murder of Noémie Lavoie the same day as the macabre discovery. He allegedly cut his throat after a violent argument.

The young woman was to return to settle in Saguenay at the time of her death.

Ali Mahamat Mahadi has yet to stand trial.

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