The most popular Sun texts on the Web

In line with the many articles that returned to the highlights of the year, Le Soleil offers you its list of the 12 most read articles on our website in 2019.
1: November 15

“Stephan Dupont loses his microphone at 98.9”

In mid-November, host Stephan Dupont lost his microphone on Énergie 98.9, following a full-bodied interview with hockey analyst Marc Denis.

In mid-November, this news from Normand Provencher startled radio amateurs in Quebec. Popular host Stephan Dupont left his morning show on Energy 98.9.

This departure was made a few days after a broadcast marked by a full-bodied interview with hockey analyst Marc Denis.

Stephan Dupont will not have waited long before announcing his return on air, when he will be the new headliner of FM93 for the morning show.

2: October 27

“Make it quick, my dogs are in the chariot”

In this column , Mylène Moisan recounts the appalling drama of a mother who was almost murdered by her son, who suffered from psychosis.

3: December 31 – January 1

“Good Bye bye, perfect Anne Dorval”

Bye bye is a television tradition on December 31, but so is the criticism that Richard Therrien made afterwards.

This edition celebrates the 50 th anniversary of Bye bye, allowed to see comedians that have marked this retrospective year-end.

4: August 30

“At 231 km / h at the Parc des Laurentides”

Highway 175 in the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve is the main link that connects the Quebec City and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. And let’s say that this speeding has caused people in these two regions to react .

The individual was intercepted while driving more than twice as fast as the allowed limit.

The result was a large fine, demerit points soared, and an avalanche of reactions.

5: December 20

“The crazy year of the Pharmachian”

2019 has not been easy for Olivier Bernard, alias Le Pharmachien.

Following statements in which he stressed the lack of evidence proving the effectiveness of vitamin C injections, he was victim of a tidal wave of insults and threats on social networks.

He told Marc Allard, the effects that this “digital vendetta” has had on his personal life for months.

6: August 20

“Maripier’s salary”

In this column , Richard Therrien returned to the series Mais Pourquoi ?, in which the actress and host Maripier Morin was revealed.

Maripier Morin explained why she agreed to delve into different backgrounds, who were often ignored him.

7: March 28

“Comparison with Hitler: the Prime Minister demands an apology from Luc Lavoie”

Political analyst Luc Lavoie was brought to order by none other than the Premier of Quebec, when he compared the election of François Legault to that of Adolf Hitler.

Patricia Cloutier was present when Prime Minister demanded an apology for the comments he described as “unacceptable and offensive.”

Luc Lavoie finally apologized, explaining that his intention was not to compare Francois Legault and Adolf Hitler.

8: April 11

“Five PFK restaurants closed in Quebec”

Several restaurants closed in 2019, but it seems that it was the loss of PFK branches that attracted the most attention from readers of the Sun.

In the spring, Ian Bussières wrote that five of the chain’s restaurants were going to close in the province, including three in Quebec.

A few months later, all of the KFC in the area put the key under the door.

9: April 1

“Catherine Dorion notice by radio”

Catherine Dorion

If there is a political figure who reacted in 2019, it is the member for Québec solidaire Catherine Dorion.

Last spring, during a podcast with the singer Safia Nolin, the solidarity member of Taschereau had made remarks that directly targeted radio hosts from Quebec, notably Éric Duhaime and Jeff Fillion.

Patricia Cloutier reported that the station Radio X had sent a notice to M me Dorion, while Eric Duhaime stated its intention to do the same.

10: November 11

“Letter to Catherine Dorion: good manners in a professional situation”

It’s not just the texts of journalists from the Sun that can make you react, those of our readers too. Hélène Caron, retired from the state, wrote to the member Catherine Dorion asking him to minimally comply with the rules of decorum.

The saga surrounding outfits dress the Member for Taschereau made headlines several times in 2019.

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